Crystal Mala

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Product Description
Crystal Mala is a semi precious jewel Rosary that is transparent and looks like a glass in appearance. This rosary is not only helpful for your health but it also helps you in boosting your interest in spirituality and improves your intellect as well. The mantras of Goddess Durga are recited with this mala. For example, a crystal rosary worn on Monday will help in maintaining peace of mind. If worn on Saturday, it might ward off blood related diseases. Keeping a crystal rosary on the naval of a person might be helpful reducing the temperature of a person suffering from high fever.
Product Features
Available Sizes:
  • Diamond Cutting (Big)
  • Diamond Cutting (Medium)
  • Uncut
  • Career
  • Health
  • Income
  • Education
  • Success
  • Marriage-Life
  • Luck
  • Venus-Remedies
  • Mala
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Crystal MalaML001S11100 `


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