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Crystal Globe, Feng Shui Crystal Globe, Crystal Globe Showpiece, Starstell Vastu Feng Shui Crystal Globe Showpiece for Home, Shop & Office - 9 cm

Crystal Globe | ` 299

Product Description

This crystal globe is of a very high quality and very solid in weight, the precision of the globe and golden metal stand is incredible as when you spin it, it spins for ages. The crystal globe is the supreme enhancer for education, literary, academic luck and business success. If you are if you are a businessperson, this globe will help you grow your business into a worldwide one. If you are a student, this will bring you luck in your studies and examinations. If you are a writer, this will bring you fame and recognition.

Product Features

Supreme enhancer of education, academic luck and literary.

Help your business to grow world wide.

Bring you luck in studies and examinations.

Enhance your fame and recognition.

Helps to radiate positive energy to your surroundings.

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