Brass Vastu Pyramid

Brass Vastu Pyramid Set of 91 Pyramids in Total |Small|  ` 5001

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Yantras are a helpful source of balancing the spatial energy. The vedic yantras and pyramid combines to harmonize the energy levels in your surroundings.  There are different types of Pyramid yantras that serve different purposes as pyramids have special properties to deflect the cosmic energies.  It has the power to re-energize scattered particles of a material. The unique property of closed pyramid is that it helps in improving your physical, mental and intellectual powers. A place where Closed Pyramid is established will be free of destruction and separation. Pyramids maintain order.

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Extra Large

Due to its triangular shape, pyramids helps in accumulating universal energy and renders good health, peace of mind and prosperity. It also helps in overcoming the Vastu faults

Item: Ashtdhatu Pyramid

Purpose: Career, Health, Income, Luck, Success, Vastu-Remedies, Family-Prosperity, Business-Remedies, Pyramid

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Brass Vastu Pyramid Set of 91 Pyramids in TotalPY002S15001 `


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