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We would recommend you to wear Balance Wheel Kavach, if you are looking for the blessings of Saturn (Shani). Our Balance Wheel Kavach is Solidate + 7 faced Redraksha which is ruled by Saturn.In the Rudraksh presiding deity are Saptrishi (Group of 7 constellations) and Mahalaxmi (Goddess of Wealth). Our pendant (Balance wheel kavach) is used to pacify Shani god. With the blessings of god our life becomes balance and smooth. One should wear this pendant if they are facing stability issues or insecurity. This Kavach will also help those, who are going through ldquo;Shani Saadesatirdquo; (7.5 years cycle of Saturn). Wear this Kavach on sany Saturday energizing it and following mantra should be recited for it: Om Shang Shanischaray Namahrdquo; Useability:Career, Health, Income, Luck, Success, Saturn-Remedies, Mercury-Remedies, Business-Remedies, Sadesati-Remedies, Family-Prosperity, Kavach
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