Saturn Transit 2020 : Analyzing Saturn’s transition into Capricorn and its impacts

Saturn Transit in Capricorn 2020

In Hindi Astrology, Saturn symbolizes dominance, power, and change. It takes about two and a half years for the planet to cross one zodiac sign. Saturn is considered to be a malefic planet in astrology but bestows a person with great fame and wealth when placed favorably in the horoscope.

However, in unfavorable conditions, it gives loss, poverty, misery, accidents and hurdles in life. On 24th January, this planet will be transitioning into Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn.

Let’s take a look at how this saturn transit will impact different zodiac signs:


You will be restructuring your career with a lot of effort. Your designation can change in these 2.5 years, and your responsibilities are also going to increase. During this time frame, you should be very humble and make yourself flexible at work.


Please don’t lose your heart when you face obstacles. There will be occasional financial gains. Foreign travels, pilgrimages, and collaborations with people from far places are also highly possible. This is also a great time to learn a new course which has a long-term duration.


For the next two years, you will have to make a lot of adjustments in your personal life. On the financial front, you need to be very careful as some delays and obstacles have been detected in happiness related to finances. You might face minor health issues. However, you have to face emotional issues throughout the transit.


Cancerians all around the world will be having primary concerns regarding their personal and official relationships. This is also an opportunity to put a solid foundation for a strong relationship.


In this saturn transit 2020 astrologers recommend you to stay away from disputes as they can be mainly arising from your workplace. You cannot please everyone, so do your best at work.


You will have to give special care to the youngsters in your family. If you are a couple waiting to have a child for a long time, then this is an ideal time to check why it is getting delayed.


There will be multiple issues regarding home and your personal life. Saturn indicates additional responsibilities, thus, you will have to take multiple opportunities from your personal and family life. You will have to be very careful with the elderly family members.


This transition indicates hard work, so this is the time to work for your own ventures. Most of these projects can be from the communication-related domain. You will have multiple plans for travelling but there will be some obstacles. During this transit, you will have more interactions with your siblings.


Your finances will be highlighted throughout this saturn transit. There will be ample opportunities to make money. You may focus on your finances and even feel challenged by the situations to prove yourself. However, financial growth can come up, but at a slow pace.


This is a crucial time for your health as well as personality. You will have to focus more on your health and well being. Capricorns will try to see everything from an emotional perspective. You may even ask for more attention from others. This is the time where you deal with all your relationships in an emotional way.


This is a crucial placement and you will have a deep desire to be alone or to analyse your life so far. You will try to improve your health and involve yourself into charitable deeds. There can be a great desire for prayer and meditation. This can be a challenging transit, so you have to hold on to righteousness.


This is the time to think more about your friendships and romantic inclinations. You will find new opportunities for long-term associations. At the same time, you may even think about detaching yourself from those relationships.

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