Unlock Prosperity: Discover Your Zodiac Sign’s Colour Secret!


The universe is full of colours. We as human beings are lucky enough to dwell in this beautiful,  colourful world. Each and every person loves one or another colour but things get better for us if we know our Lucky Colour, which can bring prosperity and happiness to our lives. We know each Zodiac Sign is ruled by one planet and each planet is ruled by a particular colour. Let’s see which colour adds prosperity and potential to our life, according to our zodiac sign.

Aries Zodiac Sign:

Aries sign is ruled by the planet of vitality, Mars, God of energy, aggression, purity and mobility. Aries is a fiery sign and Red colour is auspicious for them. Apart from Red, White and Yellow are also favourable for them. Aries natives should opt for Orange colour, as it depicts their bold nature and courageous quality. They should avoid Blue, Black and Green colours.

Taurus Zodiac Sign:

Taurus is an earthy sign. It is a fixed sign, ruled by artistic planet Venus. Taurus is harmonious with White and Pink. This White colour will build an additional positive aura around them and help them to further escalate in life. 

Pink, especially Lotus Pink, which also symbolises Mata Lakshmi Jee’s seat, is preferred while going for any important financial deal. Apart from these two specific colours, Blue and Green are also friendly colours for this Zodiac Sign. They should avoid particularly Yellow and Red colours.

Gemini Zodiac Sign:

Best colour for Gemini people is Yellow and Light Green. Gemini is a dual sign. It is ruled by the planet of intelligence, Mercury. White and Pink will also bring positivity to their life. To enhance prosperity and good luck in their life, Gemini people can put a Yellow wall art or any Yellow flower’s painting in their house. Gemini persons should avoid Red and Blue as these are unfavourable colours for them.

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Cancer Zodiac Sign:

Soft by nature, and gifted with deep emotions, Cancer people always wish for good relationships in life as they are governed by the Moon. The luckiest colour for Cancer is Silver. They should prefer to purchase vehicles of Silver colour. Apart from Silver, White, Yellow and Crimson can also be used by them. Colours to be avoided by Cancerians are Dark Blue and most of the overly dark colours

Leo Zodiac Sign:

Leo sign symbolises the lion who is the brave leader of their own territory, since their ruling element is fire, which is Orange in colour. Luckiest for them is Orange colour. As it is ruled by the Sun, this Zodiac Sign should opt for Golden and Purple colours, as these colours will bring fortune for them. They should avoid Pastels and Grey colours, as these colours will deviate them from prosperity and reduce their leadership quality.

Virgo Zodiac Sign:

Virgo is an earthy sign. Brown is a very lucky colour for them. Virgo people are perfectionists. This sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, hence Green colour, which is healthy and fresh, adds new flavour to their perfection. Red colour should be avoided by Virgo people, as it brings big obstacles to attaining great success in life.

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Libra Zodiac Sign:

Libra persons are family oriented and they are happy when they are with their family. Light Blue will keep their mind calm and keeps them joyous. White colour appropriately compliments their peaceful nature. Avoid Red colour as it is a fiery colour and may prove fatal for their balanced nature.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign:

Scorpio is the most mysterious sign and these people are generous but when it comes to the right thing, they get stubborn. Ruled by the energetic planet Mars, this sign is secretive, ambitious and brave to counter any obstacle in life. 

They should choose Red, White and Orange. These colours will bring peace and encourage their strength and inquisitive nature. To crack the deal, they should not forget to wear Black colour. If they don’t want to get trapped in problems, avoid wearing Green and Blue colours.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign:

Ruled by planet of justice, Jupiter, Dark Yellow, Orange and Green bring positivity to their life. Being a fiery sign, they are passionate and enthusiastic. They also get attracted to the colour of abundance Purple. Black and Blue are their enemy colours, as they will invite obstacles and roadblocks for them, and also subside the assertive energies.

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Capricorn Zodiac Sign:

Hard worker, calm and quiet Capricorn people go for Blue and Purple colours. Ruled by the planet of maturity, Saturn, this moveable sign also goes well with Brown. This colour enhances their working potential and brings handsome prosperity in their life. Being an earthy sign, Green colour also brings monetary success and proves to be profitable for them. Yellow, Red and Orange are inauspicious colours for them.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign:

Some beautiful traits of Aquarius people are love, passionate nature and their caring attitude which can be misused by someone since this sign is ruled by slow moving planet Saturn. Their lucky colour is Electric Blue. Ultramarine Blue resonates very well with the energy of Aquarians. To enhance creative ideas, Purple and White suit them best. Yellow, Green and Brown are unlucky for them and hardly benefit them. Red, Orange and Copper are colours to be religiously avoided by them.

Pisces Zodiac Sign:

Pisceans are highly imaginative and creative. Spirituality is an asset of their personality, as this sign is denoted by two fishes. The most lucky colour for them is Sea Green and Aquamarine. These two colours energise their true self and bring stability to their life. Adding Green colour is like adding fuel to their life process. Red colour sparks their negative emotions and Black brings sadness into their life.

                     To conclude, colours can greatly influence your life and using the right colours can help you attract prosperity, happiness and abundance into your life! Let this blog be your guide and start using your auspicious colours today itself! Embrace your lucky colours and let the magic of colours guide you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

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