क्या गुरु के अस्त होने का आपकी राशि पर नकारात्मक प्रभाव पड़ेगा?

गुरु के अस्त होने का समय 17/01/2021-  गुरु के अस्त (15:52 pm) गुरु के अस्त होने का फ़ल देवगुरु वृहस्पति 17/01/2021 को दोपहर 15:52pm पर अस्त होंगे । और इसी…

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Major planetary changes and its influence on your sign!

On 12th of September, this year, Jupiter is changing His sign from Virgo to Libra to stay there for next thirteen months. Effect of this transit will be different for…

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Jupiter – The planet of Plenty and its importance in our lives!

Money is the most important requirement of a person to run everything properly. In Sanskrit, a Shloka depicts: अर्थागमो नित्यम, नित्यम अरोगिता च which means, money should come regularly and…

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