Sun in Scorpio: What does this transition bring for various zodiac signs?

Sun, the leader of all planets, is going to enter Scorpio (Vrishchak). It is currently in Libra (Tula Rashi) and will transit into Scorpio from 16th of November for a period of 30 days. The position of the Sun during birth of an individual is of great significance in his life and determines his overall personality.

The merger of Sun and Scorpio is filled with some powerful meanings as it is the combination of two similarly strong entities from the book of astrology. In the third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh houses, the Sun gives favorable results, while negative results are expected in the second, fourth, seventh, ninth, and twelfth houses.


Let’s discuss the impact of Sun’s transition into Scorpio on different zodiac signs as per Vedic astrology

Sagittarius :

The Sun will be in the 12th house for Sagittarius. You may experience a lack of confidence. Be careful while spending too much. Obstacles might come in your professional life but you can achieve success with hard work.

Capricorna :

It is a great time to invest in a business. However, you might face some health issues. The 11th house brings you good fortunes.

Aquarius :

If your give your 100%, luck will certainly favor all those associated with Aquarius. A government job might await you with luck on your side

Pisces :

With the Sun in the 9th  house with Jupiter and Mercury, the support of your elders is expected. It is a good time to buy a car or a house. In addition, a strong bonding with your spouse or partner will be experienced.

Aries :

Sun will be in the 8th house for Aries. The fusion of Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury will help you be more confident. Although you will perform better professionally, it is advised to be in the company of your elders.

Taurus :

When the Sun will move into the 7th house, some arguments with your life partner are expected. Chances of marriages are high for unmarried males while the time is favorable for employed women.

Gemini :

Gemini people will enjoy the best of time when the Sun enters the 6th house. You will become stronger both mentally and financially.

Cancer : 

For students, the union of Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in the 5th house is going to be great. If you are a job-seeker, it is probably the best time for you.

Leo : 

Your friends and relatives will stand firmly with you. It is the best time to invest in a house or a car.

Virgo :

The retrograding Mercury, in the company of Sun and Jupiter will boost your self-confidence. As an energetic person, you might experience good terms with your life partner.

Libra :

Libra people are likely to be bestowed with will power of the highest level with Sun’s presence in the 2nd house. If you want to enter into a new business, there cannot be a better time than this transition.

Scorpio :

From the monetary perspective, the entry of Sun in your own zodiac will be extremely beneficial. Good results in your exams are also expected.

Astrology is a vast subject, studying your fortunes in a detailed way. If you want a detailed analysis of the Sun’s movement into Scorpio and its impact on your zodiac sign, talk to an astrologer online or visit our website













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