Rahu in Taurus Find out what this planetary transition means for you

Rahu in Taurus Find out what this planetary transition means for you

After a period of 18th months, the north node of the moon (RAHU) is entering in his exaltation sign TAURUS(according to some schools of astrology)on 23rd September 2020. What is the meaning of this – it makes it sound suspicious?

As you are all aware, RAHU is the most feared planet in astrology which represents accidents, bad character, cheating, corruption, fear, foreigners, hard times, hysteria, poisons, imprisonment, karma, bacteria, and viruses. These are the few things which Rahu may lead you to, according to your chart and other placements of planets. Let’s take a look at what Rahu will bring to various people while entering the “EARTHY” Taurus sign.

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NORTH NODE will be in your 2nd house and this will create life-changing events for you regarding accumulated wealth, bank balance, family values, your assets, your speech. You must take proper care and safety measures while dealing with the above aspects as you may be betrayed.

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In its natural zodiac sign, Taurus, represents your throat and Rahu is transiting in your zodiac so don’t neglect even the smallest problem with your throat. As you might have trouble judging your actual strength, before taking any important decision, give yourself a little time to think it over again. This will benefit you in the coming months.

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if you are having an extramarital affair, you must be careful as your secret relationship might be disclosed, to the world, and will defame you and tarnish your image. (this seems quite negative and specific – try to change it please)

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Rahu will transit from the house of “fulfillment of desires” in your chart and this movement will bring you foreign business and improve your place in the market. You will work with people from diverse cultures and this will help you to earn name and fame.

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This change of Rahu will bring you unexpected success and give you the professional boost that you have been waiting for, for a long time; your material wealth and possessions will certainly increase, because of this transit.

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You will be more inclined towards orthodox religious practices and will become a strong-headed supporter of your beliefs; travel to far places of religious importance will be made in the coming year.

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You must be careful as Rahu is transiting from your 8th house. So, both good and bad results are seen. It is a very good period for people involved in research, scientific, or space-related work. Other people may have unforeseen gains through insurance, lottery, or share trading.

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All those who are already facing trouble in relationships with their spouse and/or business partner must be more careful while dealing with them as the situation of confusion and conflict will increase, to its maximum limit, because of this Rahu transit.

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You must take proper precautions while dealing with matters relating to disease, debt, loan, litigation, accident, and your daily work routine. Due to the presence of Rahu in the 6th from your sign, it will create a situation of hallucination and illusion in judging others.

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People who are deeply involved in a love relationship must be alert as their love interest may ditch them in the coming period. Some confusion may be caused by a third person.

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If you are planning to buy a new car or property or wanting to invest in real estate then there is a warning for you; double-check all documents and legalities regarding your deal as you may become a victim of cunning people.

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Don’t sign on any paper till the time you have read it completely and carefully. Someone may break your trust if you sign any document, forwarded to you, without checking it thoroughly. You may involved in a dispute with your younger sibling on account of property and inheritance, so take proper care.

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