Leo-Virgo Compatibility – Check out How compatible you are!

Leo n Virgo CompatibilityLeo and Virgo make an odd couple as they are very different in their approaches to life. The initial stage of the relationship between the pair may seem to be interesting, but just like the flickering lamp without any oil, things will gradually slow down and come to a boring end between the two. For the proud and gallant Leo, a Virgo is too dull, boring and far too meek and mild which is why the relationship does not stand a fair chance to survive.

The pride of a Leo and the shyness of a Virgo may affect the compatibility between the two. Leo’s pride and Virgo’s attitude of criticism eventually repels the chemistry between the two. It is notable that a Leo always loves to show off or flaunt while the Virgo always avoids being in the limelight. If Leo learns the lesson of humbleness from the Virgo, then the match can work out. There is one more chance of making this relationship work out i.e. only if they are ready to accept each other’s attitude.

Compatibility between Leo Man and Virgo Woman

The compatibility between a Leo man and a Virgo woman has positive signs of working out more than the compatibility between a Virgo man and a Leo woman. If the Virgo woman understands the demanding nature of a Leo man, the match can work out without any hassle. A Virgo woman generally tends to do her work in a proper manner and she desires her soul mate to appreciate the same. If the Leo man understands it, there is a fair chance for the match to survive the test of time. Exertion of any type of force on the Leo man would prove to be hazardous for the relationship. Hence, the Virgo woman should never ever think about forcing the Leo man to change his attitude. Just like the king of the jungle, let him stay proud and defiant because that is how he is.Venus in Scorpio AD

Compatibility between Leo Woman and Virgo Man

As they say the beginning can be sweet but the end may be sour, likewise the relationship between a Leo woman and a Virgo man may seem to work well in the initial stage but it won’t work out in the long run. So the best advice is to avoid any serious relationship between a Leo woman and a Virgo man. It would be a demeaning task for the Virgo man to fulfill the myriad wishes of the Leo woman. Besides, it is not at all possible for the Virgo man to fulfill the demands of the Leo woman. What’s more! The unusual behaviour of the Virgo man is enough to depress his Leo woman. The ego of the Leo woman and the modesty of the Virgo man are complete contrast to each other. This relationship will be hard to work out.

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