Impact of the Israel vs Gaza Conflict 2023

Israel vs Gaza Conflict 2023

World War III or another Regional tussle? Let’s see the astrological perspective on Israel vs Gaza War 2023. The ongoing crusade of Israel in Israel vs Gaza War 2023 is now forcing the rest of the world to take respective stands on the issue.  Questions such as Who started the war between Israel and Palestine have now become redundant. It is happening because of the heavy number of civilian deaths that took place during this invasion. Serious historians and gossip mongers, almost everybody is busy in the exercise of discussing Israel vs Gaza conflict, after collecting the necessary details of the conflict and other factors causing a bone of contention between Gaza and Israel, many Islamic and non-Islamic outfits are weaving conspiracy theories while adopting Gaza war 2008 as the baseline of the events.

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Impact on the World’s Economic Future:

The result of this war can change the economic future of the world. The result of the present Israel and Gaza war, its onset, and the possibility of a third world war sparked by the events at the Palestine border and Gaza is a herculean task. Policymakers, politicians, militia experts, and trade pundits are counting the possibilities of victory or defeat for any party. However, they are finding it very complex because Gaza versus Israel war is not a direct war. It is a proxy war launched by a terrorist outfit. This time in the context of the Hamas versus Israel war, Israel is facing a well-prepared enemy, who knows all the shortcomings of the Israel militia and is well versed with the implications that can be raised by the UN and other agencies.

The output of the 8th house of the horoscope, Hamas Tunnel Trap may fail:

It is believed that the Hamas Tunnel Trap can make a big difference. Monikered as the Terror tunnel trap of Gaza, this trap is more or less like a deadly maze. Will Israel win expedition 2023 vs Gaza has emerged as a crucial question. It is crucial and difficult to answer because finding an enemy inside the tunnel warfare network of the Gaza Strip is a difficult task. These tunnel traps represent the element of land and their connection with the 8th house. Planetary situations show that it can cause some troubles for Israel, however. These tunnels are not invincible if Israel decides to jam them rather than try to flush out the opponents.

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The Date of Victory or the Rise of Peace:

The date of the victory or the rise of peace is very important for the world. Until a few years ago Gaza attracted some traffic on the internet under the shadow of this question which says ‘Why is the Gaza Strip important?’ During this period majority of the players were seeking an answer in the language of the industrial abundance of the place, its feasibility for acting as a trade center, and its ability to support multinational commercial ventures while acting as a target market. However, the shadows of the Gaza War 2014 were looming large on all the answers, majority of the experts were able to see something suspicious brewing up in the area. Who started the war between Israel and Palestine 2023, was a question that was out of the syllabus because, on paper, Israel was the mightiest and most ruthless power in the region. This is why strong and heavy Investors like Gautam Adani were quite sure to invest in this region, fortune 500 companies of the USA were keen to cultivate this region for cheap labor. Now peace and harmony in the Gaza Strip is a big necessity for the business fraternity working in Israel and Philistine.

A sensitive strip and strip-off for Gulf countries:

It is equally important for Gulf countries because the resultant of this conflict may generate some upheavals in the petroleum trade as well. Astrologically speaking, an amicable solution to the Israel vs Gaza war result is necessary for the rest of the world reeling under the pressures caused by the pandemic. The spread of Covid, in the past, played havoc with the economies of the world. Another setback like the War between Gaza and Israel in this new economic order can enforce a recession and create a no-win situation for everyone.

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Can we consider Baba Vanga predictions as the point of confirmation for Israel Vs Hamas conflict?:

Most astrologers need a point of confirmation and facts that can find a relation with the signage which is available with the help of planetary and zodiac-driven studies. The onset of the present crisis between Palestine and Israel leaves no points of confirmation because for Israel it is an invasion of the terror groups with unseen and unknown faces.  Horoscopes normally identify such types of invasions as infiltration caused by secretive enemies. In the horoscope of Kaal-Purush, the 8th house represents secret matters, this is why it can be stated that the present Gaza versus Israel war is rooted in the 8th house and descriptions of the problems operating from the 8th house are difficult to find.

A few years ago a noted Bulgarian saint Baba Vanga predicted the onset of a third world war sparking in the Gulf region. As a fortune teller, Bava Vanga’s prediction commands a lot of respect because of their accuracy. The prediction window set by Baba Vanga came true in the case of the Russia and Ukraine war, according to this prediction “a set of wars between two countries may spark the gulf region, European countries and Asian countries may participate in the war after mass destruction created by a deadly weapon”. Many militia experts are interpreting this weapon of mass destruction as an atomic weapon or a biological weapon. Based on the above-mentioned prediction many individuals are connecting who will win the Gaza versus Israel battle with World War three.

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What the Vedic System has to say about the Israel vs Gaza war 2023?:

Under the Vedic system when we furnish the respective horoscopes of Palestine and Israel, we find that the Horoscope of Israel supports Taurus Ascendence, whereas the horoscope of Palestine supports Sagittarius ascendence. Calculations following the Zodiac and preyachi-driven movements suggest that things will cool down during the last part of November after the launch of an intense battle by Israel vs Gaza. The horoscope of both the nations shows serious repercussions of the war, in the case of Israel versus Hamas result prediction it shows loss of prestige and crucial industries, where Israel was enjoying a monopoly of sorts.

In the case of Palestine, this condition shows a replication of the Gaza war 2014 aftermath. During this period life in the Gaza Strip was at a standstill, lack of industrial activity and absence of direct support from major Gulf countries forced the natives to face starvation. Israel took a conditional command and supported this country. The same status quo may likely come back as an aftermath of Hamas Vs Israel 2023.

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Hamas Represents the 8th House of Palestine Kundli:

Hamas in Palestine is a secret organization acting with the help of sleeper cells guise under religious outfits. This organization represents the secret affairs of a country ruled by the 8th house.  The owner of the 8th house in this Kundli is the Moon. It also means that Israel Palestine War can be treated as a proxy war launched by Hamas. The longevity of this war is confined to the impacts caused by the lunar eclipse in 2023. The negative impacts of this lunar eclipse will lose its sheen after 15th November, it also means that in the next fifteen days when the Moon will find its complete glory, this war will take a new shape where Israel may take the upper hand and a commanding seat to call the shots in the region.

The present conflict and loss of lives in Palestine versus Israel can be attributed to the retrograde Jupiter and movement of lord Saturn in the Dhanishta Nakshatra, this placement also invites misery for a native. The present clash between Hamas and Israel can be considered as an act of cleansing the area from miscreants. Most of the astrologers consulting Vedic Astrology methods to adjudge the results of Hamas Israel conflict in November 2023 believe that planets causing major changes in the world order, like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu are in a favorable mood this is why the possibility of third world war can be ruled out. The aftermath of the victory of Israel will be controlled by adequate UN agencies to avoid unpleasant situations. However, the same Vedic system also predicts clashes and the rise of tension in the Asian Region as well where countries like China and India may come at loggerheads.

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