How do Gemstones work in Astrology?


Today, through this blog, we discuss how gemstones function and their connection with our lives. Additionally, we explore which gemstone is recommended for each planet in astrology. How do gemstones work for us? Before delving into this, it is crucial to understand that the human body is composed of five natural elements: fire, air, earth, sky, and water. The balance of these elements governs the flow of life energy, vitality, strength, health, positive, and negative energies within us. When this balance is disrupted, health issues arise. Until the balance is restored, good health remains elusive. Gemstones, being gifts from nature, play a significant role in achieving this balance. Rishis and sages, through rigorous penance and hard work, identified these gemstones and recommended them for wearing based on astrological insights.

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Some gemstones are precious and beyond the reach of the common person. In such cases, substitutes called upratnas are suggested. Upratnas are slightly less effective but still beneficial. It can be said that gemstones hold both spiritual and scientific importance, and utilizing them is advantageous. Counted among precious ornaments, gemstones are now popular as wedding gifts or presents. They symbolize affection and care, portraying the giver’s understanding of the recipient’s desires. Keeping negative energy at bay and maintaining a continuous flow of positive energy are the reasons for wearing gemstones. Those who have faith in astrology and follow the suggestions of astrologers experience positive changes in their lives by wearing recommended gemstones based on planets. Different gemstones are recommended for different planets. Ruby is associated with the Sun, the Pearl is recommended for the Moon, Red Coral is recommended for Mars, Blue Sapphire is for Saturn, Emerald for Mercury, Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter, Hessonite for Rahu, Cat Eye for Ketu and Diamond for Venus. Note: It is also dependent on your planet placement so please check with an Astrologer before selecting a gemstone. For life-changing results, gemstone therapy, colour therapy, mantra therapy, and Rudraksha therapy are advised by astrologers. Therefore, vibrant gemstones bring joy and colour to our lives, positively influencing our well-being.

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The use of crystals for gemstone therapy is an ancient practice. Even to this day, people use crystals to rectify Vastu doshas (flaws in the home’s architecture). Placing crystals in the foundation or rooms of a house prevents external negative energy from entering and absorbs internal negative energy, allowing a flow of positive energy. Gemstones, when worn, have a direct impact on the body by touching specific body parts. Every gemstone has its chemical formula, affecting our body elements through the emission of light. By affecting the blood flow, gemstones balance our elements, providing us with direct benefits. We hope you now have a better understanding of how gemstones work.

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