Enter into 2020 with your New Year Horoscope Predictions!

Enter into 2020 with your New Year Horoscope Predictions!

New Year, new starting, new goals, new experiences, and promises for a brighter future. Yes! The New Year brings a lot of new hopes with it. Yet another year filled with so many memories and joyful time is about to get over. With the new start, everyone would be interested in knowing what the coming year has to promise. Knowing your horoscope prediction can help individuals take an advantage of the new beginnings and be prepared for what the life’s pandora box has to offer!

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All the cosmic movements will lead to extraordinary transformation in your life, a healthy dose of positivity and growth will be triggered in 2020. Vedic astrology is filled with eclipses, transits and retrogrades, with all the planetary play happening.

Here is our all-embracing 2020 horoscope for each and every cosmic warrior:


For Aries, 2020 will be a balanced year. There will be some dilemmas which you will face between your career and personal life. It is also important to maintain a stable perspective on the financial front. This year, you’ll be more mature and take wiser decisions.

On the professional front, you can expect some changes, but you can steer them towards favorable direction with hard work and dedication. This year, you are likely to enjoy marital bliss. The only suggestion is to keep your impulsiveness in check.


The 2020 horoscope of Taurus seems to follow the previous years’ patterns. Our dear Taurians are building their base and working towards a bright and successful year. Your stars will give you the time to fulfill and form relationships with people. This year, the main focus will be on your home and family life.


Gemini’s will realize the importance of being focused in life. You will have a proper pace of work and glide through situations easily. The year 2020 will be all about new turns, and learning as much as you can.


For Cancerians, the year 2020 will be one of the best years of their life. It is possible that the last few years were full of troubles but believe it or not, there would be a lot of opportunities for finding the right one. This year will be fruitful and you will reap the fruits of your good deeds!


The year 2020 doesn’t look unfavorable and your love life, personal relationships and career look good too. This year will fill you with a lot of confidence. There will be some important changes that you might not welcome, but they will bring something new and better.


Virgos’ yearly horoscope predicts that they’ll see a new version of themselves. This year is all about taking care of the damages. You can loosen up this year and take relationships as well the financial matters in your hands.


2020 horoscope predictions are all about harmony, balance and smooth sail in relationships. This year will come with good news from all the corners. The balanced and beautiful year will save you from all the drama. There will be some turmoil but you can resist it and focus on what is going well in your life.

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Throughout the year, you’ll remain high-spirited and ignited with passion. Although, that shouldn’t throw you on the plane of daydreaming. It is advised that you avoid the temptations and restrict impulsive decisions.


The last couple of years have been difficult. Although this year, the tables will turn and luck will shower. Your Jupiter will move towards Capricorn and the tensions will move away. This year, you’ll find your strong roots and gain your spontaneity back.


There is so much happening amongst your planets that everything you get will exemplify. You will be the protagonist of your romantic, career and financial life. The trio of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will be helpful and make you bear the fruits of your good karma.


This year will be productive and you can be on the top of your game according to the horoscope prediction 2020. Try not to delay your work and don’t leave the tasks unfinished. Learn to commit and take your projects seriously.


For Pisces, there will be a change in their personal life. The clouds of monotony will part and sunshine of change will prevail. This year will be the time to try new things and think BIG! Be a little careful, in the matters of heart and try not to be tempted by the charms of romance.

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