Holi Advice for the Moon Signs: What the Stars Are Telling Us


Get ready to celebrate the Festival of Colours, Holi on Tuesday, 7th of March this year. According to the panchang, Holi falls on 7th March in North India and on 8th March in the east.

Looking at the planetary configurations in the council of celestial bodies, the Moon will be in fiery sign Leo, receiving aspects from the Sun, Mars, combust Mercury, Saturn, and Rahu.

It is a full Moon day also known as Purnima Tithi, when the Moon is at its brightest. Another auspicious sign for this time is Venus in the Pisces sign, which is exalted and associated with its lord Jupiter. This creates an energetic and assertive atmosphere.

Let’s see what the stars have to say about our Moon Signs on Holi:


Be careful, as the placement of Rahu in Aries suggests that overconfidence might invite trouble. It is recommended to exercise caution and not exceed your capabilities.

Taurus –

You can expect a fun and enjoyable atmosphere because of Venus’s exultation in the sky.

Gemini –

Keep a low profile as your sign’s ruling planet Mercury is under a weak state of combustion.

Cancer –

You are moderately lucky since your ruling planet the Moon is ideally placed in the sky.

Leo –

Your level of luck is moderate since your ruling planet the Sun has an optimal position in the sky.

Virgo –

Since your ruling planet Mercury is currently in a weak state of combustion, it is recommended that you remain low-key.

Libra –

Due to the exultation of Venus in the sky, a pleasant and entertaining environment can be anticipated.

Scorpio –

You are being blessed by the divine aspect of Jupiter and you will experience good fortune.

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Sagittarius –

You will experience a gala time this Holi, so make sure you enjoy yourself fully.

Capricorn –

You will be surrounded by well-wishers as your ruling planet Saturn is associated with the Sun and Mercury.

Aquarius –

Surround yourself with your loved ones to enjoy the celebrations.

Pisces –

You will have a great time this Holi as your ruling planet Jupiter is associated with exulted Venus.

Remember to use natural colours and organic gulaal to play Holi to keep yourself and the environment safe.

Team StarsTell.com, Wish You All A Very Enjoyable Holi!

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