Happy Birthday Varun Dhawan: We wish you success and a great career!

Happy Birthday Varun Dhawan

Description of Happy Birthday Varun Dhawan:

Born on 24th of April 1987, Happy Birthday Varun Dhawan is an Aquarius native by Moon sign, according to Indian System of Vedic Astrology. Slow moving planet of our solar system, Saturn, is his ruling planet, which is occupying watery sign Scorpio in tenth house of career, moving via retrograde motion, in his birth chart.

Let us view his life from the Astrological Angle!

Association of debilitated Mercury, Jupiter, exulted Venus and Rahu, in second house of finances, is confirming about staying in the lime light for his unmatched style of acting, to help him to achieve great amount of professional success.

In his horoscope, the Sun is place in His exultation sign Aries, which is a very strong placement of planet to ensure his effortful nature and amass huge wealth to bless him with abundant of fortune, name and fame.

His chart is having retrograde Saturn placed in tenth house of professional career, in Scorpio sign, to make his work arena broader. Moreover, ruling planet of this sign, Mars, is occupying fourth house of comforts, to directly aspect tenth house of career and enhance his career prospects.

Luck house lord, Venus, is occupying second house, in Her exulted sign Pisces, to create an excellent ‘NeechBhang Raaj Yog’ for Mercury and widen his circle of admirers.

Exulted Sun is throwing His aspect directly there to his ninth house of luck to fetch support from every corner.

Divine aspect of the most auspicious planet of our zodiac, Jupiter, is there on Saturn, sixth house of competitions and eighth house of longevity to protect him from negative vibes and unforeseen incidents.

Mercury is the ruler of fifth house of talent as well as eighth house of longevity to write his success story in golden letters, to ensure his wide fame because of association with the most powerful Venus.

                             Talking about his current MahaDasha and AntarDasha sequence, Mercury/Mercury sub period is now in effect, to continue till May 2022 and let him enjoy uninterrupted success in his ventures.

Next sub period of Mercury/Ketu will be the best time for his career prospects, which is going to be operational from May 2022 to May 2023. 

Next, sub period of Mercury/Venus will be the golden time for his career, because of Venus being the lord of luck house in his birth chart and occupying Her exultation sign Pisces.

He is expect to attract substantial growth and wealth accumulation to register his name in the list of rich peoples of the country. Sub period of Mercury/Venus will continue till March 2026.

Mercury/Sun sub period will be followed next and will remain in effect till January 2027.

The Sun is the ruler of his seventh house of social repute and occupying third house of efforts to bring steady growth in his equation of life, but, still, he should remain careful in his personal as well as emotional relationships as debilitated Mercury is place in twelfth house from the Sun.

Mercury/Moon sub period will come next, to continue till June 2028 to bring fluctuating situations in front of him, to take best possible care of his social image and health related matters during Mercury/Moon sub period.

We wish him all round success in his upcoming prestigious ventures!

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