Combust Venus in Transit – Will it be all good?

Venus is the planet that concerns itself with love, romance and harmony in our emotional attachments, marriages, friendships and other unions. It is a planet that represents beauty, art and enjoyment, which governs two signs in the zodiac viz. Taurus and Libra signs. Among these two signs, Taurus is Her own sign and Libra is the ‘MoolTrikona’ sign of Venus. Normally, Venus takes 28 days to cross a sign. Venus has already entered its on sign Taurus on 19 May 2016 and is in conjunction with the Sun. It is worth noting that when the Sun and Venus are in combination in a horoscope then the native of that particular horoscope often chooses engineering and management as their profession.Venus Transit 2

Generally, a planet that transits through its own sign often grows stronger Although any planet becomes stronger when transiting through His or Her own sign  but at this time, Venus is in combustion because of its proximity to the Sun and thus, is less powerful than usual. As a result of which, Venus, despite being an auspicious sign is unable to deliver any auspicious results to the native. According to the traditional Hindu religious beliefs, it is not considered a good time for an individual to get married when Venus is in combustion. In Hindi, it is popularly known as “तारा डूबना”, which means combust condition of the brightest planet of the zodiac.

Despite the combustion, the transit of Venus in Taurus is considered to be auspicious for the natives of Virgo and Capricorn signs. This is because the transit is taking place in the ‘Trikona’ houses in the horoscope of these two signs. For people born under the Sagittarius sign, the transit is seen to be not very auspicious for them. Therefore they are advised to take special care. Besides the transit not taking place in an auspicious house, Venus in itself is not an auspicious planet for Sagittarians.

Hence, special care and precautions should be taken by the natives of Sagittarius to overcome the negative influence of the planet. Even for the natives of the Libra sign, the transit is not seen to be quite auspicious. However, since Venus is the sign Lord of Libra, the malefic influence over the natives of the Libra sign will be minimal.

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