Lal Chandan Mala

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Product Description
Chandan Mala or Rosaries made of Sandalwood are available in two varieties. One is the Red Sandalwood Mala and the other is White Sandalwood Mala. The red sandalwood is commonly known as the Rakta and the white is known as Shweta. The red sandalwoods are believed to help in appeasing the Goddesses to seek their blessing whereas the white are used for Gods. The main difference between the white Sandalwood and the red sandalwood is the white sandalwood has a sweet aroma. These sandalwoods can be used for the treatment of blood disorder, loose motion, headache, cough and other disorder that is caused by disorder of wind, bile etc. While chanting the japs of Vishnu, Ram, Krishna and Jupiter, the white sandalwood rosary is used.
Product Features
  Available Sizes:
  • Normal mala size
  • Career
  • Health
  • Income
  • Marriage-Life
  • Education
  • Venus-Remedies
  • Mala
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