Scorpio Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

General – Dear Scorpio, New Year 2021 is seen to be average for you. From the begining of this year your sign lord Mars is aspecting your sign to boost your confidence level. Work and business will remain as usual. At home, you might see positive changes in the environment around. Expect to hear good news in the middle of the year. Growth and progress might be in full swing towards the second half of the year. You might get some new contracts towards the end of the year. Delay in the implementation of your plans is possible to test your patience. Working professionals are advised to remain patienceful as Rahu is seen aspecting your sign to create confusion. Avoid taking any undue risk in your career front. Be careful about your professional rivals. Unemployed individuals might get new opportunities as per their experience. Businessmen will be successful in working towards the progress of their business. Opportunity to create an identity of your own is seen. Your financial situation might also improve beyond your expectations. Manage both the sides of your budget properly. Do not get involved in showing off. The good news is, you might get timely financial help from your siblings. Stay away from luring advertisement.

Love, Relationship/Family – This year you might experience mixed feelings in your personal life. Married individuals will be pleased with their relationship. However, the interference of a third person might create some problems in your personal life. Marriage is possible for those who are already involved in a relationship. Intimacy might increase in those relationships which have just started.

Education – Lady Luck is seen to be favourable for students. This year is seen to beneficial for you. Success is seen in the implementation of your plans related with further education. Expect to hear good news that will boost your confidence level. Exulted Ketu is now in your sign indicating that opportunity to pursue higher studies abroad is also there.

Career – It is time for you to show your talent at right platform and leave everone surprised. This year is seen to beneficial for your career growth. Saturn is ideally there in third house of efforts to give your plans a boost, without fail. Expect to hear good news from your seniors in office that will push you to move on. Situation may appear to polish your talent and let you shine in the professional arena.

Health – As far as health is concerned, you might experience some issues during the first 6 months of this year. Take best possible care. Your tensions might increase.

Remedies – To reduce the malefic influence of powerful Rahu’s aspect on your sign, worship Lord Bhairon Jee and chant the Hanuman Shakti Paath.

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