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Aquarius Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

New Year 2020 indicates little progress for Aquarius Moon sign natives. This year you will get small success in work as well as receive meager respect in the society. Businessmen will be able to expand their business network through tough conditions. Your priority will be to implement new schemes. This year Saturn will enter into Capricorn on 24th January, will become retrograde on 11th May and will resume direct motion on 29th September. Saturn will remain combust till 30th January to remain weak in power. On the other hand, Jupiter, who is the ruler of your wealth and income houses, will be present in eleventh house of income till 30th March. This will result in significant rise in your recurring income. However, it will be unwise to depend on your luck only in certain matters. You are advised not to become overconfident. Those who are working will get new opportunities and they should take full advantage of it. There will be an ambience of cheer in household matters and will receive materialistic pleasures too. You could get social recognition for your selfless activities.


Work & Career: You will get success in job and business through hard work only. New Year 2020 could prove to be better for anything related with your career. There is possibility for progresses in your professional front, so, do not allow lack of hard work get in your way. If you want to relocate, you should intensify your efforts, because the new job could be a good start of your career abroad. This year will be favourable for those who are involved in the fields of law, medicine and commerce. Your competitors will be eager to settle an equation of comfort with you, but, you need not become very much sensitive about it. You should remain honest while dealing with your business partner or it could create undue tension. Overall, it can be said that there will be progress and growth in income and new doors will open for investments. Business environment will be in your favour and you will receive materialistic pleasures.

Economic Condition: New Year 2020 will show improvement in financial matters and you will become so competent that you will be able to help the needy. However, before helping others, you should assess your requirement first. You should reduce unnecessary spending, so that it will not be a problem in the future. This saving will be useful in the days of need in future. You should take precaution while transacting money during the second half of the year. You will have success in property related work. This year is likely to be favourable for traders and businessmen. 

Family & Love Life: Your relationship with your close family members and children will remain favourable and you will get full support from your spouse. The problems with your brothers and friends will get sorted out. Family decisions should be taken with clear thought and frank discussions with everyone. In order to keep your relations sweet, you should coordinate with others. You need to take some time out from your busy schedule for your life partner, so that there will be no sourness in your intimate relationship. You are advised to spend more quality time with your life partner and children and indulge in some kind of playful activities with them. You will get new direction regarding your love life. Your relationship might get into trouble because of interference of others, so, you need to be cautious. While mingling with new people, you should make sure that it would not affect your ongoing relationship. You might receive a cute gift and huge respect from your friends. Unmarried individuals are likely to hear good news and will find dependable friends.

Education: New Year 2020 will be good for education and interviews and any upcoming results will please your heart. This year your dream to study abroad might come true and you will get enrollment in your favourite institute. This year will be very important for competitive examinations also. Those who have already completed or who are going to complete their studies soon will get a job in just a few trials. 

Health: You are expected to make certain short distance trips from the very beginning of this year. These trips will include religious places also. You have to take precautions of your valuable items while travelling alone. This year is good for your physical health and you may find yourself more energetic and enthusiastic. It will be wise to follow traffic rules and regulations while driving a vehicle. 

Suggestion: Worship your favourite God in order to make your life style better and keep your morale high. 

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