Aquarius Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

General – Dear Aquarian, New Year 2021 will prove to be favourable for you from foreign links. In the first quarter of the year, you might experience growth and progress in your life. Your sign lord, Saturn, will help you to improve your equation at work. Your secret fears related to your work will diminish. For businessmen, expect news related to progress in business, which will bring happiness in your mind. Working professionals might be blessed with high positions and greater responsibilities. Along with new sources of income, implementation of ambitious plans is also seen. Expect reasonably good returns from investments. Although it is the first Dhaaiya of ‘Saadhe Saati’ of Saturn, but it will not be negative for you, because Saturn is the ruler of your sign.

Love, Relationship/Family – As far as love life is concerned, you can expect an interesting turn in your love life which will encourage you to continue towards the future, with full confidence. For those who have been going through ups and downs in their personal life, they will see improvement in their love life. Association with new friends is indicated. Married individuals will experience marital bliss in their conjugal life.

Education – As far as studies are concerned, this year is supposed to be favourable to gain academic qualifications. Results of the forthcoming tests will make you feel great. Your interest in new branches of knowledge will increase. If you want to pursue research fellowship as your career path then increase the pace of your effort as success is there on your way.

Career – Accept the fact that it is a slow-moving time for you during this year, to move on step by step. Roads ahead of you might be of testing your patience level to make you stronger. Your interest in a new role in office might be time consuming as of now. But you will be rewarded suitably at the middle of this year. Career enhancement is not in your hand right now. Try to give your best of output for success in the end.

Health – As far as your physical health and well being is concerned, this year seems good for your wellness. However, you are advised to take care against the seasonal ailments.

Remedies – In order to gain the complete favour from the auspicious planets, you are advised to recite the verse of विष्णु सहस्रनाम.

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