Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

For all those born under Scorpio Moon sign, the week starts on a positive note for you. All your works will be completed with full dedication in this week. Love, care, warmth and support of your family people would keep you in high spirits. The blessings of your parents would instill a fresh spell of confidence in you which consequently would encourage you to undertake some creative endeavours. Perhaps it is your good fortune to receive the abundant love, blessings and guidance of your parents. You are also likely to experience and enjoy some material comforts during this phase. Wealth and prosperity will follow you in this week. Your children or a young member of your family may bring you joy. Matters related to studies and education will also see some success. Things on your financial front too would be bright. Respect, recognition and honour would follow you this week as there are strong chances of a sound boost in your social standing also. Do not depend on your luck only and you need to keep a close watch over your competitors too. While on your love front, the week seems to open in a reasonably good mood. You are about to experience immense support of your life partner in every corners. Exchange of gifts between you and your soul mate would successfully add a fresh spark to your love life. Do not get too much involved with new people you meet by chance. Take your own time to judge them correctly before moving forward. As regards of your professional front, you are likely to gain success in all your ventures. Buying and selling of assets can be profitable but do not make decisions in a hurry. Take sufficient time to analyse things in minute details. Some old pending amount of money is likely to be received during the middle of this week to help you to plan a halted project to take off. A new and lucrative assignment or project is also likely to emerge in front of you. Be calm and trust your own potentials to leave your mark remarkably. While on your health front the week would be fine for you but some stomach problem may cause you a little worry. Avoiding spicy and outside food will help you to stay fit and unaffected.

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