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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

For all those born under Scorpio Moon sign, the week is about to open up on a slightly steady note. However, things are sure to pick up an unexpected pace towards the middle of this week. Exciting times with your family people are very much on your chart in this week. Spending time with your dear ones will bring you abundant cheer and joy and also will re-strengthen your bonds afresh. Some delightful news from your children or a younger family member may also contribute to make the atmosphere at your home a shade brighter. All your desired tasks will be resolved and things due will get completed during this period too. Results are quite likely to be in favour for all those who are studying. Lady luck will support you but you too should not escape your responsibilities and keep a control over your senses as well. On your love front, you can expect to enjoy full support of your partner in this week. You both may also start to make joint plans about your coming days of future too. There is a possibility for an inclination towards someone new. But, you need to ensure that your new associations or interests should not affect or interfere with your existing relationship. Your beloved may also be in a mood to surprise you with a nice gift and will also respect your feelings too. You will need to reciprocate his or her emotions as well. Spending quality time with your soul mate will help to sustain the passion in your ongoing relationship. While on your professional front, the week may start with a hectic note. You are likely to be on your toes right from the beginning of this week itself. Excessive work pressure may cause you some amount of stress too. However, it will be better to avoid getting tensed, instead, deviate your attention towards some recreational activities like reading books, listening to soothing music, watching good movies, etc. Substantial success and spectacular progress at work also look likely and you too will enjoy your work ultimately during this phase. None of your efforts directed towards right goals will ever go waste. Some results awaited from overseas are also likely to arrive towards the end of this week. Your finances may need a slight consideration, however, nothing fierce is indicated for you during this week. Things will flow smoothly as regular, but, you need to stay cautious and act wisely while taking important decisions. Time also seems favourable for all those having an inclination towards politics or policy making in this week. On your health front, the week may open up on a slightly leisure note, however, perfect health is foreseen towards the middle of this week. Taking due care of your eyes may be essential during this week.

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