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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

For all those born under Aquarius Moon sign, the week will commence in a fabulous mood. Fresh and new thoughts may pop up in your mind. You will effectively be able to fulfill all your responsibilities and honour all your commitments towards family. An auspicious event is likely to be celebrated at your home. While also a joyful reunion with your near ones seems probable during this week. Visit by some relatives may also contribute to create a pleasing atmosphere around you and your home in this week. In short, you are likely to experience an atmosphere of absolute peace. Those of you having small kids may also have to spare more time and pay serious attention towards their genuine needs and school related tasks. Your opponents may try to create some problems and impede your progress, so, you need to stay cautious about their moves and keep a close watch over them as much as you can. The week, otherwise, is likely to be quite demanding and hectic for you. However, inflow of funds will increase your interest more towards work. While on your love front, the week seems to hold bright chances for your delight. Relationship between you and your love partner will remain sweet and steady. You are about to experience your soul mate?s immense support in every corners. Exchange of gifts with your dream person towards the middle of the week will also help to strengthen your emotional bond and a fresh surge of romance will envelope your moods. Spending good times with your soul mate seems likely for you in this week. A short trip with your life partner also seems probable and would bring along a fresh spell of happiness in your love life. There is a strong possibility of a sudden encounter with someone new, however, you will need to ensure that it should not interfere with your existing relationship. Now as regards of your career front, all your struggles and efforts at your work front will prove fruitful. Those of you who are engaged in business ventures, your decisions will work in your favour to your contentment. Some work related short journey can also be expected in this week, which will prove to be beneficial for your ambitious expansion plans. You are advised to stay cautious while dealing with monetary transactions in a large scale. Avoid lending money to unreliable people to keep yourself safe from unwanted troubles in the coming future. Your financial front will remain very strong during this entire week, but you just need to focus and concentrate on your vital tasks and important projects as well. Success will be yours on the field of education and result awaited regarding any examination will even make you happy.

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