Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

For all those who are born under Aquarius Moon sign, the week ahead shows that you?ll now be able to enjoy some more honour and respect from your circle around. You will get sufficient opportunities to leave your mark remarkably and you will successfully be able to make your presence felt in the society wherever you live or move, with utmost ease and grace. All your endeavours will draw the praise and attention from everyone around. However, time now recommends that you should not go overboard and just stay grounded. Keep a check over your emotional flux and do not give in to any pride and ego. Stay normal and you will be able to enjoy the mood of time in a better way. Sale or purchase of immoveable property is also indicated in your horoscope in this week and gains may flow in to your delight. Pleasant times at your home will let you focus on your priorities with much ease now. In regard to your personal life, time in this week recommends you to stay cautious on your love front. Just do not enforce your opinions upon your soul mate by any means. Any kind of pressure if you try to put on your partner, then it may have the potential to cause some distension in your loving bonds. Just be extra careful with all your moves and conduct to stay safe. Your efforts to understand him or her will only help to strengthen your bonds now. Time and distance can also create more space in your loving relationship, so you will also need to find ways to stay in constant touch with your romantic partner. Be clear and honest in your conduct and there will be no reason for your partner to worry about. In fact, it will also help to win him or her trust and you may even experience a fresh boost in your romantic affair. On your work front, time this week indicates that you will be able to give some definite form to your ambitious plans and, thus, results are likely to get more concrete now. Your hard work and efforts in your professional arena will bring you the desired results in this week. Your passion and enthusiasm will soar high when your sincerity and diligence will get their due rewards and significant success will also come ahead in all your endeavours now. Just have patience and do not give up your hope. A positive approach towards life is what you will need to maintain all throughout this week, no matter what obstacles come along your way. Even your social liaisons will come to your aid now and you will just be able to enjoy the best of all the world. However, all your over enthusiasm can still get a blow if you do not take good care of your health and stay negligent towards it. Your health this week needs proper care and concern, so, take due precautions to avoid direct exposure to cold winter if you wish to stay safe.

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