Virgo-season – Importance of planet mercury in astrology

Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo: Characteristics and related professions

Vedic astrology claims mercury to be the messenger of gods. It is also the lord of Gemini and Virgo signs. Being called budh in Indian tradition which means ‘wisdom’, mercury represents intelligence and wit in a person.

Boons of people with strong mercury

Expert astrologers at StarsTell predict that people having strong influence of Mercury are blessed with sharp thinking abilities.Though, at times, they may exhibit anxiety and indecisiveness. Mercury is highly acclaimed in Virgo sign however, its power is debilitated in Pisces. People having Mercury as their birth sign have strong power to harness their voice and intelligence to succeed in life.

Mercury also represents logic. Hence, if you are born with strong Mercury, you are most likely to have excellent reasoning and analysing skills.

Professions related to Mercury

Mercury represents the planet of communication. Experts at one of the most trusted live astrology sites — believe that a strong mercury indicates success in areas related to commerce, trade, accounts, banking and computers.

Since communication is the strength of people with well-placed mercury, works related to telephone, telegraphs, e-mails, couriers and post can bode well for them. Because of this, mercury is usually seen in the horoscope of writers, astrologers, media persons, dealers, advisors etc.

A high influence of mercury makes one a good strategist. Such people are usually distinguished by their well-behaved and composed nature.

Are you a Virgo? Well, your undeniably charming nature might be because of a well-placed mercury in your zodiac sign. Before the autumn wind kicks off and your zodiac season ends, you might want to consult an astrologer and discover the career path you are most likely to succeed in. Astro-experts at believe that astrology helps people know the essence of life and lets them learn the proficiency and talents theyare bestowed with.

The predictions in astrology are based on the natal positions of planets. Thus, it will give youthe complete picture of your life.

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