Destiny promises to shine bright as we predict Virat Kohli’s horoscope on his 31st birthday

From being a top-ranked ODI batsman and scoring big in domestic, ODI and test matches to becoming the Indian skipper and leading India’s squad for the 2019 Cricket World Cup for the first time —Virat Kohli has proved himself not just as a cricketer, but as a true leader with high success rate. Decoding our Chikoo’s stars on his 31st birthday, experts at StarsTell predict horoscope of this exemplary Indiancricketer.

Virat will be celebrating his 31st birthday on 5th November this year, and his inspiring horoscope prediction is bound to evoke curiosity amongst his fans. His leadership skills, zeal, passion and fearless attitude drove this small kid who played for the local cricket teams to be oneof the most capable captains of the Indian team. This coming year also, Virat Kohli will continue with his benchmark performance and touch unprecedented heights.

Horoscope prediction: Virat Kohli

Date of Birth: 5th November 1988

Place of Birth: Delhi, India

Looking at his birth chart, astrologers at StarsTell highlight that the planetary movements will work in his favor. The movement of Jupiter in the house of prestige and success will be a heavenly blessing for him. This movement will be blessed with power and status as our captain will continue to reign in the cricket field. The strong influence of Saturn promises to support his hard work and increase his potential.

His great triumphs will cement India’s strong position in the field of cricket. Virat Kohli’s toughness, self-assured attitude and technically sound strategies will make him excel as a skilled sportsperson. We all know, King Kohli is a fitness freak and follows a healthy diet and focuses on physical activities which keep him in form throughout the year. As his birth stars continue to gleam, his overall stamina and performance will outshine.

Around September 2020 the positions of Mercury will offer him a smooth financial ride. His investments will remain stable, and there will be a continuous inflow of wealth and prosperity. Virat’s finances will become rock-solid with the new endorsements and commercial investments. With his health and finances being reliable throughout the year, Virat Kohli will continue to enjoy love from his supporters. His family life will be full of happiness and affection. A blissful and content personal life is promised with some important responsibilities, as some changes can be foreseen. Virat Kohli, in this coming year will constantly be travelling, and he will make new relationships which will benefit him in the long run.  The astrologers at best astrology site predict that Virat will have no disturbances in his life in the areas related to health, finance or family.

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