Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day Special

The month of February comes with the vibes of Valentine’s Day. It is named upon the Saint Valentine of 3rd-century Roman saint and on the Valentine’s Day of 14th February, he was commemorated in Christianity.

As time flowed by, it has been converted into a festival of love, very widely celebrated by youngsters across the globe.

Not necessarily this celebration is restricted to lovers only.

It can be anyone whom you adore, respect, and have a special place for that person in your heart.

In India, people hesitate to talk or discuss love, although we are a very largely populated country.

During this time, spring just knocks on our door.

The climate is very comfortable to roam around with someone you feel happy to spend time with.

Our ‘Heart Chakra’ remains open and in a very powerful state during this time to make us feel easygoing and forgiving about anything or everything.

The rule of ‘Karma’ says you reap what you sow. According to this rule of ‘Karmic Bond’,

it suggests you incur love within yourself first to receive it back, in reciprocation.

Try to inculcate positive feelings within yourself.

Harbor assertiveness within your thoughts to attract similar vibrations from those around you.

As a magnet attracts a piece of iron effortlessly, likewise, it will bring you the same vibes from the universe to feel happy within yourself.

If you are in a happy frame of mind, everything appears to be enjoyable and you are able to notice those minute

positive tendencies in and around to spread auspicious ambiance, just like a spray of perfume.

Forgiveness is another key to reduce burdens in your heart. If you start forgiving others,

you will find yourself in a light mood to carry on your journey of life, flawlessly.

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