Taurus Moon Sign

Blessings of Goddess Lakshmi Jee is going to be showered on the natives of Taurus Moon sign aplenty to make their days brighter from the very beginning of this NavRatre. Your all the tough-to-perform assignments will start rolling towards fulfillment for your delight. Family responsibilities are expected to grow on your shoulder for a better reason. Cheerful ambience is seen to be spread around at your home front because of divine aspect of Jupiter on your second house of family. Emotional equation with the junior members of your family will be cemented strongly to bring joy and happiness around. The Moon is travelling with Mercury and Venus, alongwith Jupiter in the sky to be the reason behind it. If any ailment was there with you from the past few time, you will get rid of it to enjoy hazard free days now onwards. Presence of your sign lord Venus in sixth house of health in Her own and ‘MoolTrikona’ sign Libra, alongwith the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter is clearly indicating this for you. Planet of vitality, Mars, is also travelling through His exultation sign Capricorn, forming a very strong ‘Trikona-Kendra Raaj Yog’ for your convenience and affluence. As because Mars is the ruler of your finance house also, so, financial situation will also improve gradually, now onwards. Those who are in job may find the first day of this NavRatre the most favourable one to feel happy from their core of the heart. Get your most important tasks done on this first day of NavRatre, when ‘GajKeshri Yog’ will be formed by the Moon and Jupiter in the cosmic council of planets.

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