Tarot card predictions: Here’s all you need to know about its impact during Diwali 2019

Diwali, the most important Indian festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country. Commemorating the victory of good over evil, the festival brings plenty of new opportunities for everyone.

Let’s see what online tarot reading has in its kitty for you:                  


Diwali is going to be highly fruitful for Aries people as they will fulfil their higher aspirations. They will enjoy a better love life. The festival is ready to teach you the art of figuring out the right and wrong decisions. It is not a good time for you not to investin real estate. Be patient and wait for the time to turn in your favor.

Lucky number:20

Lucky color:Green


If you are hardworking, you will certainly be rewarded this Diwali. A lot of problems will arise on your path but you will combat them all. The best astrology site in India believes that new people are expected to come in Taureans’ life along with success in their professional life. It will be tough for you to make savings.

Lucky number: 9

Lucky color: Red


For all Gemini guys, the time is favorable for tasting professional success. If you are looking to sell a property, you are likely to get good returns. Resources in your hands will not stay with you for long. The time is good for relationships as you will learn a better way to express yourself. You will take the right decisions in various fields of life.

Lucky number: 6

Lucky color:Dark blue


Finance, love life, business, and emotional dilemmas – these are the areas you will enjoy good terms in. You might land in a cash crunch but the situation will improve soon. It is a good time to gain trust and respect of the society. Positive health and family life are expected along with a great family vacation.

Lucky number: 4

Lucky colors: Green and Light blue


Talking about the love life in particular, Leo people will enjoy a lot of happiness. The movement of the moon will impact your earnings in a positive way. You will ride on luck if you have started a new business. It will also be a conflict-resolving time for you. You might face issues in travel plans but physical health will be good.

Lucky number: 14

Lucky color:Pastel shades


You’re likely to meet someone special this Diwali as the festive season is going to be great for your love life. You are advised to have control on your budget box. Some negativity might affect you in legal terms which you will recover soon from.

Lucky number: 3

Lucky color:Lotus pink


Faith, hope, and optimism are what you will enjoy all through the festival.According to Vedic astrology online,people associated with this zodiac will be able to resolve their problems with ease. With the help of your teachers and friends, you will able to make your life beautiful. You should be careful about managing your finances.

Lucky number: 4

Lucky color:Brown


This is a period of calmness and peace for Scorpions.Diwali will keep you busy in your profession while you will have a good chance to earn money. Without worrying much about difficult situations, just do your job and emerge victorious. Learn from your failures to walk on the right track.

Lucky number: 10

Lucky color: Yellow


Professionally, this time is perfect for you to learn a number of skills. Your family life will be stable and you find people who will listen to your ideas. If you have any health issues, they will be resolved. Astrology predictions onlinecan help you understand how taking proper rest is important for you. The almighty is with you, just proceed towards your success.

Lucky number: 17

Lucky color:Silver


Capricorn will enjoy great financial gain this Diwali season, especially in terms of monetary returns. If you invest in stock market, substantial gains are expected. Change in thoughts and feelings are also indicated. Happiness in personal and professional life is beckoning you this Diwali. You will enjoy good connections with relatives as well.

Lucky number: 12

Lucky color:Violet


Diwali brings tons of reasons to cherish every life moment for Aquarius people. They will be introduced to many new things that can help themearn good revenues in business. This is a good time to make investments for future. The key to experience perfection this season is believing in your abilities.

Lucky number: 5

Lucky color:Turquoise


The season of good luck awaits you in the zone of financial wellness. Make sure to do good if you are seeking good things in your life. You will be able to resolve life’s crisis and conflicts.

Lucky number: 11

Lucky color: Creamy color

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