Sun Transit In Capricorn (14 Jan): Know Effects and Remedies as per your Sign


Description of Sun Transit in Capricorn (14 Jan):

The sole energy giver of our universe, the Sun, is entering into Capricorn sign on Saturday, 14th of January 2023, at 20.44 pm to end His journey of ‘Dakshinayan’ and to start moving through ‘Uttarayan’.

Capricorn sign is tenth sign of the zodiac and the Sun rules fifth house of the natural zodiac. So, this placement of the Sun is going to create a ‘Trikona-Kendra Raaj Yog’.

Venus and Saturn are already transiting there in Capricorn sign to be associate with the Sun and create ‘TeenGrahee Yog’, offering ambitious position and to help in utilising the talent at an appropriate platform.

The Sun enjoys the position of the king in the council of planets. So, entering of the Sun into Capricorn sign in transit is going to be a very auspicious transit for people placed in authoritative position.

For the natives of Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Pisces Moon signs, this transit will remain more than favourable.

Sun Transit in Capricorn For Aries Sign:

Placement of the Sun, Venus and Saturn in Capricorn sign in tenth house of professional career is creating strong ‘Trikona-Kendra Raaj Yog’, to provide spectacular results to them.

Sun Transit in Capricorn For Leo Sign:

Placement of the Sun in sixth house of struggles is going to help them removing the obstacles from their way towards success and prosperity. Transit of the Sun through third house of efforts, Scorpio Moon Sign natives, yield remarkable results in terms of travelling for professional needs.

Sun Transit in Capricorn For Pisces Sign:

Pisces Moon Sign natives will have the Sun, Venus and Saturn, placed in their eleventh house of gains to let their financial inflow increase significantly.

To know about the effects of this transit on the natives of rest of the Moon signs, click here.

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