Sun enters Leo (Aug 17-Aug 31) 12 tips for 12 zodiac sign. How to handle road blocks in your (personal life /professional life)

Sun enters Leo (Aug 17-Aug 31) 12 tips for 12 zodiac sign

Sun enters Leo

Sun enters Leo is the significator of soul and king of the planetary cabinet, according to “PANCHANG” will move “LEO” zodiac (or do Sankranti in Leo) which is his own fiery sign.

 And few qualities of “LEO” ZODIAC are; IMPULSE, PASSION, ROYALTY, ADVENTURE, CONFIDENCE, BE SELF-CENTERED &TO BE IN SPOTLIGHTare going to be the outcome of this transit.

Sun will be transiting Ketu’s nakshatra, MAGHA who has the symbol of a royal palanquin(pal like) on which the king or queen or head of state is taken to meet his people and royal court

So by combining the quality and energy of SUN+LEO+MAGHA together and blending them in light of jyotisha, we can predict good and bad events in personal as well as professional life of all 12 zodiac sign born people



In Vedic and Western astrology text, it is established that the planet MARS is one of the key factors of “Debt”. On other hand, the same planet, MARS, can stone free from debt if anyone is burdened by it.

Interesting: This is a double-edged sword that has the capability of cutting from both sides. Which side you will face, in your life, depends purely on the POSITION, DIGNITY, ASPECT ON MARS, MARS OWN ASPECT, IF MARS IS MALEFIC OR BENEFIC, and MARS RELATION WITH 6TH & 8TH HOUSE in your horoscope.

In the same way, another significance of planet MARS is health and immunity, strength, and valor. Mars represents blood, surgeries, red blood cells, pain, leukemia, bone marrow, and allergies.

Let us have a brief look at how the current MARS transit is going to affect individuals of each zodiac sign with respect to Finance &Health.

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