Mars Entering Aries Sign

Mars Entering Aries Sign

The most energetic planet of our zodiac, Mars, is entering into His ‘MoolTrikona’ sign Aries, on 16th of August 2020, at 18.31 pm, to be there in His own sign and to become more powerful too, for a period of one and a half months, approximately. Aries sign is first sign of the zodiac and Mars, Himself, rules this fiery sign of the zodiac. This transit is going to create a unique ‘Yog’ in the sky as Mars, the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn, will be there in their own signs, in ‘Kendra’ and ‘Trikona’ houses only, to give auspicious results. This transit is going to be a very auspicious one for the people placed in the top position in armed forces, paramilitary units and defense mechanism of the country. For the natives of Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio and Aquarius Moon signs, this transit will remain more than favourable.

For the natives of Aries Moon sign, placement of Mars in first house, the Sun in fifth house and Jupiter in ninth house is creating an auspicious ‘Yog’, by three planets present in ‘Trikona’ houses, to provide very auspicious results to them. Acquiring technical qualification will become easy and will help to showcase their talent appropriately. Placement of retrograde Saturn in Capricorn sign is also creating another assertive ‘Yog’ for career development as a supporting element for them.

Gemini Moon sign natives will have the Sun in third house, and Mars in their income house to provide tremendous boost in their efforts to achieve their long cherished goals of life.

For the natives of Cancer Moon sign, placement of Mars in tenth house of career is going to provide them ample amount of energy and vigour to let them move on their way to success and prosperity.

Scorpio Moon sign natives will have the Sun in the tenth house of profession, along with sign lord Mars, ideally present in the sixth house of competitions, to experience spectacular changes in their career and financial fronts. Transit of the Sun, in Leo sign, through tenth house for them can yield very good results in terms of professional work related matters.

Aquarius Moon sign natives will have Mars placed in their third house of efforts and courage to let their sincere efforts bring colours in reality. Retrograde Jupiter is present in eleventh house also, to provide adequate financial flow and being placed the ruler of second house too, He becomes more influential planet to give spectacular results.

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