Leo Horoscope 2022: Leo Annual Prediction 2022

Leo Horoscope 2022

Leo Horoscope 2022

Leo Horoscope New Year 2022, a year of new achievements and new hopes, a year of fresh opportunities and a year full of brightness is ready to unfold for all those born under Leo Moon sign! Transit of Saturn through your sixth house of struggles, during this entire year, will show you different colours of life.

New thoughts and new plans will start to pop up into your mind to change the scenario.

Also, all your ambitious plans are ready to turn into reality now and time this year will make you focus onto your future next. Time is also about to keep you busy with projects having long durations.

Presence of Jupiter in Aquarius sign, till 13th of April 2022 and thereafter in retrograde motion, from 28th of July, may influence to get you a moveable or immoveable property.

Owning a house seems very likely with you in this year. The changed motion of Jupiter till 23rd of November 2022, is also going to open up new avenues in front of you.

New opportunities, best feasible solutions, fresh hopes and great chances will all form the rhythm of your life during this period.

Adequate recognition for your efforts or endeavours may also come from government or non government organisations. This year, fortune is likely to work in your favour in such a way that you are sure to excel in your professional arena.

Your hardwork and sincerity about work and your magnetic persona will please, influence and inspire everyone around in such a way that no one will find a reason to belittle you ever.

Jupiter Transit!

‘Yog Kaarak’ placement of Jupiter in your seventh house of social repute, till 13th of April 2022, will also influence to facilitate the amicable settlement of issues related with financial matters.

Although slight discord may prevail at your home front but you will still find yourself connected with all. Some impediments may arise to hinder your progress but you may find yourself steering ahead smoothly.

Despite the challenges you come across you will be successful in your studies. However, time during this year also requires you to keep a check over your thoughts and emotions.

Issues, if any, in your love life or any discord with your soul mate also resolved to your delight in this year. Your friends may stand through your thick and thin.

Investment in landed properties or purchase of a vehicle indicated with you and all the necessary processes involved towards its fulfillment will be complete smoothly and successfully.

However, you’re advised to stay within your available resources and take only that much credit which you can clear within your limits.

Leo Horoscope 2022 – Career/Job/Education

On your professional front, New Year 2022 seems to go in tune with your expectations. However, due to the change of placement of Rahu, on 12th of April, and its influence on your sign may make your seniors react unfavourably, to your surprise.

An assertive outlook and amicable approach will help you to turn the situations in your favour and also your wisdom and presence of mind will help you to move the flow of events in your favour.

However, you advised to not to harbour any ill feelings against anyone at workplace and take things sportingly to ensure a smooth flow of events there.

This year is adequately auspicious for growth and success in your vocation. Progress and prosperity seen on your career front and you will grow in your job or business.

Time will offer you the suitable opportunities to display your strengths and potentials appropriately at your place of work.

Profits may accrue, if you are into business activities or even a promotion is likely if you are working somewhere. A few gainful opportunities are also likely to emerge during a work-related trip.

Favourable placement of Mars in your ninth house of luck, from 27th of June, may bless you in such a way that even your trivial efforts may get you huge and unexpected returns to your delight.

Results expected by 16th of October 2022 may appear in accord with your hard work done previously.

Leo Horoscope 2022 – Relationship/Family

As your personal relationships concerned, you are likely to experience some bright times in New Year 2022. Time will allow you to meet your personal commitments and domestic responsibilities successfully and a pleasant atmosphere seen thriving at your place.

Someone close to you may also come forward to share your responsibilities and their extensive support will eventually help to put your mind at rest.

The first quarter of this year may not prove that favorable for your ling term relationships, as much as you may desire. A little tightness in your close bonds or with people around may keep your mind at slight unrest.

Relationship with your soul mate may also undergo a temporary cold phase, however, you will need to make sincere efforts to restore the warmth back into your bonds.

Time this year cautions you not to take trivial issues very seriously. Insignificant things may also have the potential to hurt your sentiments.

A friendly mediation of someone close also seems likely to play a significant role in resolving your complex issues in life this year. And adopting a happy-go-lucky approach will help to bring some stability to your moods and bonds as well.

Chances for participation in some religious pursuits with your family members may emerge in front of you during this year!

Leo Horoscope 2022 – Health

For your health and wellness, New Year 2022 seems to remain fine, however, you will need to take due care and precautions to stay safe and unafflicted from unwanted troubles.

Your well being, this year suggests that addictions of any kind should be strictly avoided if you want to maintain good health. Also due care should be taken while driving or travelling.

Ignorance or negligence of any kind may have the potential to get you close to troubles.

Whereas, some troubles related to your stomach are likely to bother you a somehow. Taking good care of your diet and a physical exercise regime will help to enhance your overall wellness.

Leo Horoscope 2022 – Lifestyles

A few travels or short trips related to your work also seem visible in your horoscope during this year. But, the journeys, overall, will meet their goals successfully and bring along handsome fortune as well.

Leo Horoscope 2022 – Remedies

A Ruby Stone, of 7.25 carats in weight, studded in a gold ring (or locket) and worn on any Sunday morning, of the bright lunar half, in the ring finger of your right hand will bestow you with the positive powers and influence of the planets and also may prove beneficial for your overall fortune this year.

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