Jupiter Retrograde – How auspiciously inauspicious will it be for your sign?

Retrograde JupiterJupiter is going to assume retrograde motion, being in the Chitra nakshatra (constellation) of Mars, while travelling through Virgo sign on 6 February 2017. An auspicious planet by nature, becoming retrograde is not considered as a good transition phenomenon for Jupiter. It is mentioned in our classic books of Indian Vedic Astrology that auspiciousness of Jupiter gets reduced while transiting through indirect motion. This movement of Jupiter in retrograde motion will continue till 9 June 2017 after that Jupiter will assume direct motion while being present in the Moon’s nakshatra Hasta. In the natural zodiac, this transit is happening in the sixth house and sixth house stands for health, competition and opponents.

ariesIn the natural zodiac, Jupiter rules the twelfth house and being the lord of twelfth house placement of Jupiter in sixth house forms a Veepreet Raaj Yog to give benefit for the natives of Aries Moon sign.




TaurusFor the natives of Taurus Moon sign, Jupiter is travelling through fifth house of education and emotional affairs. Those who are trying for higher education might get success during this transit period. If there were any misunderstanding or tiff in emotional relationship, that would get sorted out amicably and unexpectedly.




geminiThis transit is affecting fourth house of Gemini Moon sign people asking them to move cautiously in the deal of properties. Proper scrutiny will be a must to do before signing any document.




cancerCancer Moon sign people might experience trouble in long distance travel as Jupiter is travelling through third house in their horoscope. Try to maintain cordial relationship with younger co-born as disputes might arise for no valid reason.




leoLeo Moon sign people should speak carefully and transactions of money should be done with care, as the second house of family and finances is the place where this transit would happen. Second house stands for speech also. Misinterpretation of words spoken casually might become an ice ball, making it difficult to handle for them.




virgoVirgo Moon sign natives should take precautionary measures as their health might get affected during this transit. Those who have blood sugar and blood pressure problems must do their best to keep their body weight under control.




libraLibra Moon sign natives might face unexpected burden of expenditure as this transit is happening in the house of expenditure for their discomfort. Be wise to take major risks during this time to protect your peace of mind.




ScorpionIt seems to be a positive transit for Scorpio Moon sign people as income house is hosting this transit for their pleasure. Growth opportunities of financial income might come their way effortlessly.




sagittariusNatives of Sagittarius Moon sign should exercise precaution while expressing their opinions at office circle. Tenth house of profession is the place where this transit is taking place.




capriconFor the natives of Capricorn Moon sign it might be the time to focus in religious matters as ninth house is hosting this transit, which is the place of ‘Dharma’ in their horoscope. Students are advised to concentrate in their subjects of studies only instead of roaming around here and there.




aquariusAquarius Moon sign people might get financial hurdles on their way of progress and prosperity as this transit is happening in inauspicious eighth house for their discomfort.




piscesSocial reputation might be at stake for Pisces Moon sign natives as seventh house is the place where this transit of Jupiter is going to take place. Aspect of sign lord Jupiter might be the saving grace for them to divert unwanted situation for some. Any kind of overconfidence should be avoided to stay protected. Wearing clothes of yellow colour on Thursday will be helpful to reduce the negative of retrograde motion of Jupiter. Giving anything of yellow colour as ‘Daan’ to a Brahmin with ‘Dakshina’ is another way of pacifying adverse effects of retrograde Jupiter.

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