Entrance of Venus into Aries Sign on 10 May is Sounding an Alert for Aries and Libra Moon Sign People! Stay Alert in Money Matters

Venus is coming out of Her most powerful state of exultation, to enter into Aries sign, to join the Sun and Mercury there. The Sun is there, in His exulted state, till 15th of this month, to create an auspicious combination of planets, which produces engineers and technically qualified persons. Association of Venus and Mercury will be there till 18th of May, when Mercury will move into Taurus sign. Venus becomes very powerful in the signs of Mars as planet Mars denotes energy and vitality.

Moreover, movable sign Aries is a fiery sign too to make the natives of Taurus and Libra more passionate about their work and profession. Venus is known for Her artistic shape of mind and perfectionist nature to leave a unique impression in their tasks and creative pursuits. This transit is going to be favorable for Gemini, Libra and Capricorn Moon sign natives. For the natives of Gemini Moon Sign, this transit is taking place in eleventh house of income to make the ways of monetary gains for their benefit. For Libra Moon Sign people, this transit is happening in seventh house of social recognition and reputation, to offer them a suitable platform to widen their arena.

Capricorn Moon Sign natives are about to experience an overall makeover in their domestic as well as professional fronts as Venus will directly influence their career house to add a few new feathers on their cap of success. To know the effect of this transit on the rest of the Moon signs click here.

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