Corona Virus: An Astrological Overview from a different angle

Corona Virus : An Astrological Overview

Ongoing “Paridhavi” Samvatsar is going to end tomorrow. Saturn is the King of the Samvatsar and the Sun is the minister of this year. Corona Virus

Saturn does not maintain a very friendly relationship with the Sun, although the Sun is the father of Saturn.

And, Saturn gives us sufferings and long term effects.

According to our ‘Shastra’, this kind of planetary configuration gives a difference of opinions among the head of the countries.

Tensions in the border regions are possible. Spreading of a new type of disease is also possible to let people face tremendous discomfort

and panic may grip everyone to create fear for their lives.

Besides being the King, Saturn is “Meghesh”, “Phalesh” and “Durgesh” also for this year.

Holding four positions by Saturn alone is not predicting anything good for Corona Virus

common people as Saturn indulges us in suffering to purify our Karmic Balance Sheet.

Anyway, the new Samvatsar is going to start on 25 March 2020 to change the council of planets.

This Samvatsar is named “Pramaadi” and the auspicious planet Mercury is the King of this year.

The Moon is the minister of this year to bring relief for common people.

Astrologically speaking, the planet of wellness, Jupiter was entered into His ‘MoolTrikona’

sign Sagittarius on 4 November 2019 to receive an inauspicious aspect from Rahu,

placed strongly in the friendly Gemini sign.

Then Jupiter went into combustion on 15 December 2019 to stay in this powerless condition till 10 January 2020.

Because Jupiter is the significator of our wellness also, it started affecting our well-being from then only.

Planet of energy and vitality, Mars, joined Jupiter on 7 February 2020 to make the situation alarming.

However, Mars has marched forward and entered into Capricorn sign, on 22 March 2020,

to become exalted, means, most powerful.

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Coming out of the aspect of Rahu is another assertive point for Mars to reboot our vitality and immune system.

Venus is going to enter into Her own sign Taurus, on 28 March to help people to restore the normal flow of life.

Then, on 30 March, Jupiter will also change His sign to enter into Capricorn sign,

to stay out of the malefic aspect of Rahu.

Although Jupiter becomes debilitated in the Capricorn sign, the presence of exulted Mars there will cancel

the debilitation of Jupiter and create a strong

“NeechBhang Raaj Yog” to bring substantial relief to common people.

The presence of Saturn in the Capricorn sign is also a contributing factor to provide power to Jupiter and give respite to mankind.

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