An Astrological Overview of Noted Actress Anushka Sharma

An Astrological Overview of Noted Actress Anushka Sharma

Born on 1st of May 1988, Anushka Sharma is a Libra native by Moon sign, according to Indian System of Vedic Astrology. Artistic planet Venus is her ruling planet, which is occupying Taurus sign in the eighth house of her horoscope. Aspect of Rahu on the Moon is not a very assertive point for Anushka Sharma to let her face difficulties in initial days to rise high in her professional career. Aspect of exulted Sun, Mercury and Jupiter on the Moon is confirming about staying active in more than one areas to achieve what she wants in life.

In her birth chart, Scorpio sign comes in the second house of family and finances and placement of exulted Mars, in fourth house is an advantageous placement of planet for her to make her bold enough to take firm decisions as and when required. Wide name and fame is predicted by exulted Sun, Mercury and Jupiter, present in her seventh house of social reputation, to make her a very famous personality in the film fraternity because of her unmatched personality. Her chart is having Saturn, placed in third house of efforts and expected to make her financially strong with a very good reputation in her circle.

Because of the Sun and Jupiter are together, in both D1 as well as in D9 chart also, to become strong enough and give her an adorable place in the mind of her fans and followers. Eleventh house lord, the Sun, is occupying seventh house in Aries sign, which is creating an excellent ‘Yog’ in her favour to earn money through social connections. The Sun is throwing His aspect directly there on her Moon sign to offer her success in plenty. Divine aspect of the most auspicious planet of our zodiac, Jupiter, is also there on her eleventh house of income, third house of efforts and on her Moon sign too, to protect her from inauspicious influences and people with wrong mind sets. Mercury is the ruler of ninth house of luck, in her birth chart, placed in seventh house of social reputations, with the Sun, again creates auspicious ‘Trikona-Kendra Raaj Yog’ to bless her acting talent with precision.

Talking about her current MahaDasha and AntarDasha sequence, Saturn/Saturn sub period is going to continue till May 2022 to let her enjoy slow but steady process in her ventures. Next, sub period of Mercury will be the best time for her, both in materialistic way as well as spiritual sector, because Mercury is the ruler of her ninth house of luck. She should remain cautious about her health during this sub period as Mercury sometimes gives mysterious changes because of His rulership of the twelfth house of expenditures, hospitalisation, etc. Aspect of Saturn, on Virgo sign, reconfirms this. The sub period of Saturn/Ketu will start from January 2025. Talent and perfection of her is about to show ultimate height for a new level. to continue till February 2026. Shine and rise will go hand to hand to offer her strong position in the glamour industry. Saturn/Venus sub-period will be in effect till April 2029. Although Venus is also the ruler of eighth house of her chart and presence of Venus in Taurus sign will increase her existing reputation, but, still, she should remain careful in her personal as well as family relationships as eighth house is not a very auspicious house as per Indian System of Vedic Astrology.

We wish her all round success in her upcoming movies and other ventures!

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