Turquoise (Irani)

Turquoise (Irani) 7.5 Ratti - Fine | 3099

Product Description
Turquoise is a semi-precious gemstone which is sky-blue in colour. It is mainly found in Turkey, hence its name is derived. It is also known as purification stone as it protects the person from outside pollution of negative thoughts and ill effects of negative energies. It is mainly for sore throat, cataract problem and all kind of infections. People with Dhanu Rashi are advised to wear Turquoise as it balances all the chakras and brings peace to mind. It is believed that this stone protects the person from violence and accidents and external injuries. This gem stone should be worn on Friday in ring finger, preferably in silver ring.
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Turquoise (Irani) 7.5 Ratti - Fine 2150022-TI-75 1 3099


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