Sulemani Hakik

Sulemani Hakik 5.5 Ratti - Fine | 999

Product Description
Sulemani Hakik is also known as Black Agate. This stone derives its name from city of Sulemania, Iraq. This stone promotes physical and mental health, also gives stability to our thought process. Wearing Sulemani Hakik can counter balance the negative effect of Rahu by bringing clarity of thoughts, it also enhances the spiritual growth. This amazing stone also washes away the negative effect of Ketu and helps in meditation and strengthen the intuition power, connecting us to the higher self. Thus, this stone provides a protective shield for Rahu and Ketu. This stone can be worn in any metal but silver is the best. If a person is undergoing Rahu or Ketu MahaDasha period, then they can wear this stone. There is no side effect of this stone. Sulemani Hakik is associated with the root chakra.
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Sulemani Hakik 5.5 Ratti - Fine 2150024-SH-55 1 999


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