Amethyst 6.5 Ratti - Fine | 2799

Product Description
As per Vedic Astrology this stone is for the natives of Makar Rashi and Kumbh Rashi. It is a naturally occurring purple coloured semi-precious stone. It helps to release stress and anxiety from our life. Mostly recommended to a person suffering from headache, migraine, fatigue and skin problems. It calms down the negative effect of planet Saturn. It is always worn in silver ring in middle finger of right hand on Saturday, when the Moon is waxing. Before wearing it should be dipped in mustard oil for at least 4 to 8 hours. Best Amethyst comes from African countries. It is mainly advised to the people who works in knowledge-based fields, like scientists, research scholars and doctors. It resolves accumulation of wealth related problems. This stone influences the crown chakra as well as third eye chakra.
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Amethyst 6.5 Ratti - Fine 2150020-A-65 1 2799


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