Virgo Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

General – Dear Virgoan, New Year 2021 is seen to be quite favourable and beneficial for you. Innumerable opportunities are seen to come your way which might keep you preoccupied and cause chaos for you. Favourable situation of the planets will help to boost your confidence of mind. New ideas will pop up in your mind. Working professionals are about to expect promotion coming their way. Your loyalty will be rewarded adequately. If you stay far away from home, then opportunity to visit home is seen. In business, expect new contracts that will lead your business into a new direction.Invest in the area of your expertise. Expect some finance related good news in the beginning of the year, before 6th of April. Besides, increase in unimportant expenditure, arrival of payments is also seen. Your wisdom will help you to make huge savings for the future. You will be able to invest in land, property and vehicle.

Love, Relationship/Family – As far as love life and family front is concerned, the year is seen to be quite favourable for you. You might also make some new friends. Those who are already involved in a relationship, expect the support of your family members to tie the knot. Unmarried individuals are about to expect acceptable proposals.

Education – For students, pious stars are seen to be favourable for your academic prospects. Admission to desired institution and favourable results of your examinations is clearly indicated. You might also fulfill your desire to pursue your higher studies abroad. You are advised to pay more attention to the value of time and make the most of it. Expect job placement through placement cells in your institution.

Career – For your professional matters, this year is going to be more than auspicious, for your delight. Acknowledgement of your hard work and out of the box thinking capacity will make your base strong enough and this will help you to march ahead. You might also fulfill your desire to accept new challenges successfully. You are supposed to pay more attention to the minute details of those projects which are the most important for your progress. Expect job change in the second half of this year.

Health – As far as health and wellness are concerned, it will remain good enough throughout the year. However, the health condition of your soul mate might worry you. Provide proper medicare.

Remedies – To attain peace, happiness and prosperity, you are advised to perform the Ganesh Upasana, on a regular basis.

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