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Virgo Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

New Year 2020 will start in a spectacular note for Virgo Moon sign people. The aspect of Saturn on your sign is going to be over from 24 January. Perhaps it is the reason why there will be much excitement in your life from the initial phase of this year. This will help to push of your work. Things will go in an extra ordinary pace in regard to your work. Starting new ventures will, however, take some more time. You will be able to fulfill the needs of your family, but, with a slight discontentment in your heart. 

Think wisely before making investment in landed property as you may tend to borrow from others for this matter. Married life will remain mundane. There may be a tiff with one of your close relatives. So, be ready to face the situation with persistence. You may get chances to travel around during which you will also get benefits. For businessmen, going abroad is very much on the cards. 

Work & Career — Interference and influences of various planetary forces are visible in your career front during 2020. Aspect of Saturn on your sign ends on 24th January and will help you to experience new changes. So, wait for the right time to start any new venture or business in partnership basis. Many striking opportunities will come for those who are yet to kick start their professional career, but, it is highly advisable to decide and choose the right option. New Year 2020 proves to be lucky for professionals in the field of art and media. Things will go on a progressive pace at the workplace. Do not take any unnecessary risks in any area. Do not think about investing in tiny business projects. Focus and don’t let your mind wander here and there. Stick to your current responsibilities till better one arrives soon. 

Economic Condition: Right from the start of the year, your economic condition will start to improve. If you want to invest your idle funds, take time to think about it. Do not take the risk of investing in new areas. By the second half of this year, your financial condition will change and you can start making fresh plans. You may get tempted to fulfill your materialistic wishes, but, if you can stop yourself from doing so, you will not regret later. 

Family & Love Life: Aspect of Saturn on your sign will be over and it could be a reason for joy in your family circle. Take out some time for your spouse and try to refrain from meaningless arguments or discussions. Keep your calm intact and try to handle things in a diplomatic way. Do not get carried away by any new friendship with anyone. You should indulge in religious activities as they will prove to be helpful for you. Try to live up to the expectation of your family people and take good care of your children. Blessings of your parents are a must have for you. This year will prove quite lucky for lovers. Mistrusting your love partner or inability to give enough time may prove fatal to your ongoing relationship. So, try to think and act logically before getting suspicious towards your beloved. For those who are not yet in any relationship, good news will surprise them by March. 

Education: By the mid of the first phase of this year, students may go through a difficult time. So, it is advisable for them to value their precious time. Focus on your studies without getting distracted by anything else. Appear competitive examinations with hard work and confidence. Any negligence may become a hurdle for you in the future, so, be serious and remain focused. Students completing their study this year may need to appear in certain tests to kick start their career. Stay in touch with experienced people in the relevant field.

Health — Do not neglect anything when it comes to your health and wellness. Maintain a healthy diet and nurture a habit of regular exercise to maintain sound health condition. Your health will improve visibly by the end of this year. 

Suggestion — Offering prayers to Lord ShivJee and Kali Mata will be helpful for you. Chant ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ on a daily basis, if you want to improve your level of life. 

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