Libra Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

General – Dear Libra, the beginning of New Year 2021 is seen to be moderately good for you. Your sign is under the auspicious aspect of Saturn. The good news is since Saturn is the ruler of the house of happiness in your Kundli, He will bless you with positive results. This year, you will be able to start those ventures that have been delayed. Working professionals are advised to avoid being hasty while taking major decisions. Unemployed individuals will soon get suitable employment. However, businessmen might face some challenges towards the beginning of the year but after 6th April, work will start to progress. Avoid starting a new business in a hurry. Hold on your investments till the month of May-June. Be careful if you are thinking of using the shortcut method to get new contracts. Your financial situation will improve steadily. Issues related to transactions will be amicably sorted out. Expect financial help from your known circle. Investments of the past will benefit you.

Love, Relationship/Family – As far as your love life is concerned, ups and downs are possible in between you and your soul mate. Proper understanding will help you to sort out the problems amicably. Marriage is indicated for those who are already involved in a love relationship. If you are still waiting for that someone special, your wait will soon be over. Married individuals who are expecting, should be prepared hear good news.

Education – Students are advised to focus and prepare for their examinations as success is indicated for them. For those who wish to pursue higher education, from the month of April onwards, time is seen to be favourable enough. Success for you is seen in those examinations whose results are expected during the month of March-April. You should try to avoid distraction, under any circumstances.

Career – Sudden changes are expected with you from the beginning of this year to let you prepare for the days of future. It is possible for you to shoulder big responsibilities, within a short notice. For those who want to change their line, headway will be seen, from 6th of April. Time is seen to be favourable enough to make your marks significantly. Success of your projects might bring applause from every corner of the room to make you feel worthwhile. You should try to avoid less profitable proposals, under any circumstances.

Health – You should try to avoid distraction under any circumstances. As far as health is concerned, except for some seasonal issues, no major health problem is seen.

Remedies – To attain peace of mind, happiness, prosperity and progress in life, you are advised to chant Shani Chalisa regularly.

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