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Libra Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

New Year 2020 indicates good sign for Libra Moon sign natives as Saturn will be there in your fourth house from 24 January. Saturn will bring positivity to your work and professional matters. You will be able to achieve success in work and career which will lead you to the path towards progress. There will be stability in the flow of work for businessmen. Stay calm while talking with others to avoid any obstacle in performing your family duties. Ignoring the demands of your children could become a headache for you. For students, this year will be a better one as compared to the previous year and it will bring good results for your hard work. Tours are seen with you to visit amazing places. 

Work & Career: Job and business will be better during this year. You will receive the results of your previous works in this year. You are most likely to get support from your boss as well as from your co-workers. Individuals who are looking for a job opening are most likely to be successful. In addition, there are chances that you might get a promotion or a hike in salary. Transit of other planets could periodically bring out your inner creativity, however, at the same time the transit of some planets would provide strength in the most difficult circumstances. Before implementing any plans, you must analyse minute details of the plan and you should scrap the thought of starting a new project with new individuals suddenly, from your mind. Those who are in a job will get promotion by the middle of this year. Problems with colleagues at workplace shall reduce drastically. 

Economic Condition: This year shall be favourable to you to a great extent of New Year 2020 from the economical point of view. Besides getting money in the very beginning of this year, you might receive ancestral property too. You will get profit, if you have invested in a new business venture, however, it will be wise to proceed after thorough consideration. It will be beneficial to consult with an experienced person before investing in landed property or real estate. Do not rush while transaction of money, there is a risk of betrayal from your friends or trusted ones, therefore, you should exercise adequate precaution. It will be wise not to indulge in gambling or lottery. 

Family & Love Life: You might feel discomfort while dealing with your family people because of your indifferent attitude towards your relatives. Therefore, you should behave rationally. As far as your relationship with your life partner is concerned, there might be ideological difference because of an outsider person. Do not consider someone’s love relation as an accidental love as this might increase your displeasure. There will be ups and downs in your ongoing love relationship; however, it can be resolved sensibly. This year will bring favourable prospective of relationship for the singles, which will bring good ambience to the family.

Education: New Year 2020 will remain normal for students. Success in examination will be entirely dependent on your hard work. You might receive help from teachers and elders. The first half of the year is good for interviews and you will be successful in any test or interview in which you are appearing. You will be able to enroll into your favourite institution and course during this time. Those who finished their studies during the first half will not sit idle for too long and will get a job opening. This year is also good for those who have stopped their studies and who want to re-enroll into education once again. 

Health: In terms of health and wellness, this year will be moderately good for you. Absence of idleness and weather related diseases might be the reason for your bodily balance. Therefore, you will be able to take very good care of yourself and it is advised to avoid eating outside and refrain from using intoxicant substances. There will be a constant concern regarding the health condition of your family members. You should try to maintain harmony in your marital life also. 

Suggestions: Respect the power of women and receive prosperity along with progress. You must establish ‘Shree Yantra’ made of crystal at the temple in your house without fail.

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