Leo Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

General – Dear Leo, the beginning of New Year 2021 will remain as good as you have expected it to be. But, since your sign is passing through the phase of Saturn and the influence of Shani’s Dhaiya, along with the presence of exulted Rahu in your career house during 2021, you might experience confused state of mind, some delay in the progress of work and tensions related to family matters. But you will be successful to amass good profits. Your positive energy will increase and you will be able to complete your tasks with full enthusiasm. New opportunities for jobs are seen to come your way. Individuals looking for change in their job will soon be successful. Your way of working will lead to the progress of your work. This year you might get huge returns from investments. There is no harm in investing in the area of your expertise. Innumerable resources will help you to improve your financial status. You will be successful in clearing your debts. Expect financial help from your children and other family members.

Love, Relationship/Family – As far as love life and family front is concerned, due to the Dhaiya of Saturn, you might experience some kind of tensions related with your immediate family. If you are still single then expect someone to come into your love arena shortly. Expect the arrival of a new born at your home. Issues related to unmarried individuals will be sorted out amicably in this year.

Education – As far as education is concerned, New Year 2021 is seen to be favourable for you. You will be successful in pursuing higher education and this will make your future path a lot easier. Besides getting scholarship, you might also get placement in the institution. This will help in improving your self confidence. Those students who left their education in the middle will get the opportunity to pursue higher education.

Career – As far as your career is concerned, New Year 2021 is supposed to bring acceptable proposals for your consideration. You will be able to implement your ambitious plans with ease, to secure future prospects. Besides getting proposals to achieve your goals you might get pleasure in what yo do. This will help to make your confidence stronger. Those who are searching for a job will be able find one after 6th of April.

Health – As far as health is concerned, it will remain good. However, you are advised to take care of your health against common diseases. Stay away from addictive drugs. Take care of the health of the senior members of your family.

Remedies – To assure that this New Year remains beneficial for you in terms of business, career and to attain mental peace, recite Hanuman Chalisa daily.

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