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Leo Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

An Overview: 2020 will be a steady and lucky year for Leo Moon sign natives. The influence of Saturn will come to an end by 24th January. Any work that you started earlier will bear its fruit from this year. Chances are there for you to play a key role in an auspicious event. You may get hefty benefit from both your work and other sources. With your expertise in marketing field, you can also earn good benefit in your business during this year. Significant progress is visible in anything you take up. But, stay alert from your professional rivals. A trusted friend may change his/her colour for his/her own beneficial reason, so, stay alert. For Leo women, this year will be quite successful. Make the most of the available opportunities. 

Work & Career: For work related matters, this year will remain quite normal for you. If you put your sincere efforts with diligence and dedication, you will get exceptionally good results. For employers, profit will pour in along with new responsibilities. You will get respect in the society and people will come to take advice from you. If you have been waiting for a dream job, this is the right year when your dream will really come true. 


Economic Condition: This year is going to be an auspicious and lucky year for you as the influences of Saturn on you will be over. You can get tough tasks done easily without any hindrances. You may spend a bit on social and religion related works, for which you will receive appreciation from every corner. You can also easily spend for an auspicious occasion at your home. This year is quite lucky for you, so, you can make all your materialistic desires come true. 

Family & Love Life: As per the influence of the favourable planetary forces, your love life will go through an exciting phase. Always keep your cool maintained, if you want to sustain a steady relationship. Married couples can decide things together without any stumbling blockage. This year, you may also get some aid from your soul partner. For those who are yet to tie the knot, a pleasant surprise is on its way. Buying a new house, vehicle or fulfilling one of your materialistic desires is quite possible for you in this year. 

Education: 2020 is a good year for students. This is the right time for you to take up courses in specific fields, such as banking, finance or insurance sector. If you work a little harder, your honest efforts will prove fruitful. For those who did not complete their course or put their study on hold, this is a favourable year to finish or re-start their study again. The result of any examination will be in your favour. For students who have completed their course, getting job in a desired position is quite probable. Success is clearly seen in your chart, so, try anything confidently and with great zeal. 

Health — This year, there will be frequent short distance travel plans for you. Whether you will take it or not, there are work related tours for you at far-off places. Do not neglect your health during such tours. A pilgrimage tour with your family members is seen on your star. However, you will tend to get worried because of the health condition of one of your loved ones during the trip. 

Suggestion — To solve your complicated issues of life or boost your charisma, devote yourself to Sun God.

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