Gemini Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

General – Dear Geminian, New Year 2021 will bring more cheers and jeers in your life as compared to the previous year. In the beginning of the year, you might experience slow progress, but with time, things will turn out better for you. Benefits from the ongoing projects will be derived after 6th April. Government employees are supposed to expect promotions and desired positions at work. However, individuals working in private companies might have to wait for some more time. The second half of the year will turn out to be very favourable for you. Independent business set up will progress after 17th of March, when Venus will become most powerful in Pisces sign. Time is favourable for investment purpose. You are advised to stay away from luring advertisements. Overall, the year seems to be financially sound for you. If you are planning to purchase a vehicle or landed properties, then time is in your favour, but try to minimise or avoid taking loans.

Love, Relationship/Family – The year seems to be very good for your love life. As far as family front is concerned, an auspicious ceremony might take place at your home. This will make you feel more energetic. For unmarried individuals, expect some good news, in this year. Your family members will help you to meet the genuine needs of your family. Meeting with new friends, who might be helpful in the days of future, is also possible.

Education – As far as studies are concerned, time is seen to be in your favour. Results of your sincere efforts will be upto your satisfaction. Those students who had to discontinue their studies, will soon get the opportunity to pursue higher education. Those worried about their future plans are advised to consult an expert person for proper guidance.

Career – As far as professional matters are concerned, this year is going to be a spectacular one for you. You are supposed to use your presence of mind to handle tough situations appropriately. Those who are in finance line have to put their full efforts, to bring desired results to please people in higher authorities. According to the planetary configurations, you should pick your words carefully while interacting with senior persons in office.

Health – As far as health and wellness is concerned, you are advised to keep your body weight under control and should avoid high calorie food intakes. Pay attention to the health of your soul mate to reduce tensions.

Remedies – To attain growth and progress in life, you are advised to go for Ganapati Upasana.

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