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Capricorn Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

Your sign lord, Saturn, will enter into your sign on 24th of January. So, the start of the year might be slow, but, it will get better. There might be problem in health and wealth, due to unwanted presence of Jupiter in Sagittarius sign. Working individuals will have problems, but, you need not to worry as you will get all the remedies with due course of time. The only need of the hour is patience and self-control to let the phase pass by. Positive influence of planets could open up new doors for you after 18th September. The unsecure investments of the beginning of this year could trouble you, so, you must move forward only as per the advice of your consultant. You will be respected in your family circle and society and people would like to take your appropriate advice. You would be able to enjoy materialistic pleasure in later part of the year. Your relation with your parents will remain strong. You might pay visits to religious shrines. Your friends will be thankful for your timely help. Other than this, 2020 will be good for studies and interviews, provided the students stick to their goals only. 

Work & Career: New Year 2020 will be moderately favourable for work and business and there will be no obstacle in the progress of work because of the presence of Saturn in your sign. Individuals with jobs will be able to show case their talent in their workplace which would not be ignored by the officers. Administrative work will be completed later, but, it will be beneficial and there will be no financial problem in starting a new project. You might get your dream job by the second half of the year. Businessmen should take calculated risks with prudence. This year, there might be ups and downs in the flow of work, however, there is possibility of starting a long term project, which will keep you more than occupied. Your sign lord, Saturn, will enter into your sign on 24th January and will become retrograde on 11th May and will assume direct motion on 29th September. He will be in combust state till 30th January and will return to His powerful self afterwards. On the other hand, Jupiter will be present in your sign from 30th March, which will have visible impact on your spirit to work. This will help in improving the condition of your work till 30 June. 

Economic Condition: New Year 2020 will be normal for you from the financial point of view. You have to have control over your habit of unnecessary spending. And remember the money that you save now will become handy in the days of future. You should act cautiously while transacting money even with your close family members and relatives. Second half of the year is good for businessmen. There is possibility of acquiring sudden wealth from ancestral property or lottery. Materialistic pleasure will come to your kitty, later in the year.

Family & Love Life: There will be no big difference in family atmosphere, but, you will experience joy attending auspicious ceremonies. Some members of your family will be able to help you financially. Timely advice of your spouse will have significant importance for you. You will get support in your love life from family members and also get help to make future plans. It will be a dream come true time for those, who are waiting for someone to arrive in their life. 2020 will bring happy days for the unmarried individuals too. They are unlikely to find a love partner in the beginning of the year. Try to express your special feelings to your secret love acquaintance, without being too aggressive. You are expected to get success after some time. 

Education: New Year 2020 is good enough for students. Students appearing in competitive exams are likely to succeed and if your hard work is focused on the right direction, you will be able to get enrolled in your favourite institution. The interruptions in your studies will end this year but you have to stay away from your passionate activities only then you would be able to succeed in the field of higher studies. You should give interviews and competitive tests with full confidence. This year will prove to be perfect for those who left their studies in the mid-way and who would like to start again. You might get a chance to go abroad to pursue further studies. 

Health: You will go on a few short pleasure trips with your family members. Business tours are also there with you to bring bulk orders. However, you need to take proper care of your physical health. You might have to face minor problems from weather change and bad food habits. You should try to be happy to avoid mental stress.

Suggestion: Worship goddess Kali Mata on Saturdays to make the most out of the available opportunities and to invite good luck. 

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