Capricorn Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

General – Dear Capricorn, the beginning of New Year 2021 will prove to be superb for you. You will feel energetic and enthusiastic within yourself. Your prestige and reputation will improve in the society. Presence of Saturn in your sign will be in your favour and opportunities to implement your plans is seen. You will be able to work on savings for your future. For working professionals, opportunity for promotions and new sources of income are possible to come your way. Your connections will prove to be beneficial in deriving new contracts for you. In business, many projects will be worked upon together. Overall, arrival of payments is seen for your relief. Futile expenses might incur from time to time. In the second half of the year, you will be able to spend to improve your materialistic comfort level.

Love, Relationship/Family – Presence of planets indicate a favourable period for your love and family life. Meeting with new people might fill your life with joy and new experiences. You might also get proposal from those whom you have never expected. Those who are still confused about marriage will be able to take a correct decision this year. Time is favourable for those who are planning for a baby.

Education – As far as education is concerned, the year is seen to be favourable. Make the most of this period to attain your goal. If you are planning to go abroad, then, you are advised to increase the pace of your efforts. Results of competitive tests will further hasten your path. Try to avoid depending on anyone while making preparations.

Career – Act as per the demand of situation at your career front, as the year is seen to be favourable for you to go slow but steady. Your sign lord Saturn is currently occupying your sign only to provide you required strength and skills for progress. If you are planning to go abroad for job purpose, then, you are advised to increase the pace of your efforts. Results of your efforts will be seen after 6th of April. Ask for man power as it is necessary for you to deliver in time.

Health – As far as health and wellness is concerned, you will remain perfectly fit and fine. Take care of your food intake and stay away from any kind of intoxicant items.

Remedies – To attain peace, happiness and prosperity, you are advised to perform the Ganesh Upaasana, religiously.

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