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Cancer Yearly Horoscope

Yearly Horoscope

New Year 2020 is going to be a very special and fruitful year for Cancer Moon sign natives. Right from the beginning of this year, a new zeal and confidence will build up within you. Your life will go through a few stages of transformation. Pleasant news from your loved ones will become a reason to celebrate at your home and the whole year will joyfully pass by. Materialistic contentment envelops your mind as a great desire. You will be rewarded for your sincere efforts at the work front. The dream of a desired post may come true for you this year. You can also excel at your desired field. For work related matters, the favourable period is till 14 May. Anything you try to achieve during this period will be fruitful. 

Work & Career: Talking about your work, time and situation both are in your favour in 2020. For employers, June is the right month during which their plans will bear fruit. Direct aspect of Saturn on your sign from 24th January is not a favourable thing, but, this will not persist for long. Things are likely to move at a fast pace from the beginning of the year. With your great deal of energy, you will be able to come across any challenge or changes. Refrain from challenging your superior as it will not prove good for you. 

Economic Condition: As per the stars, this year your economic condition will remain stable. You will get the chance to explore new avenues, but, make sure that you are hitting on the right target. You may get carried away by the suggestions of others because of which there may be a financial constraint. If you lend money to someone, there are pretty good chances of getting it back in the time of need. 

Family & Love Life: This year, the sweetness in emotional relationships will retain its taste. Planning together for the days of future will be quite an easy task for you. You will love to explore new avenues in your social arena. Any tiff between lovers or unsettled relationship statuses will be easily resolved in this year. For those who are hunting for the right soul partner, good news will soon surprise them. Make the most of every moment or available opportunities as this is quite a special year for you.  

Education: 2020 is a lucky year for students. Getting recruitment or placement at a desired organisation is very much there on the cards. There is a great chance for getting a reputed job, if you are completing your course this year. Confidently take part in competitive examinations as there are pretty good chances to get success. 

Health — 2020 is good for you in terms of physical health and wellness. Blessed with good health condition, you can bring fruitful results in anything you do. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle and regular exercise will be the secret mantras to remain healthy throughout the year. 

Suggestion — To improve your current situation and acquire substantial amount of wealth, indulge in regular worship of Lord ShivJee and devote yourself to the Almighty God. 

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