Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

For all those born under Virgo Moon sign, your weekly prediction says that the favourable influence of the planets in your horoscope, this week will bestow you with abundant success and prosperity in your day-to-day life and lifestyle. Temptations are likely to rule you now, as desires for mouth savoring foods and additions to your wardrobe may blossom afresh in your heart. Overall, your inclination may increase towards some materialistic comforts now. If you come under the influence of your impulse now then it is sure to burn a hole in your pocket. Time this week infact is an opportunity for you to display your strengths and realise your potentials. If you plan it wisely, then nothing will be unachievable and even you can strike a perfect balance between the inflow and outflow of your resources else be ready to face the financial brunt. Your social recognition may get elevated to your delight. Your younger ones may bring you pleasant news that may touch your heart during this week. As your personal relationships are concerned then the week ahead seems to work in your favour. Lady luck is just prepared to be by your side and you will be able to enjoy absolute support, care, warmth and loving company of your soul mate. You name it, and you will get everything that you desire. You both may plan to spend some good times together and even a visit to some place of religious importance seems likely for now. Spending more time in each other?s cosy company will eventually deepen your loving bond and your mutual understanding is also likely to grow more intense. As far as your career is concerned then some long stuck up official tasks seem likely to get resolved within this week or the process may start up, at least. Investing your idle funds will be profitable as well as seems a safe option for you now. Time also cautions you to use your wisdom and patience while taking any significant decision in this week. Take your precious time and avoid all hurry and haste if you want to keep safe. Even a single wrong decision can have the potential to delay some significant tasks, so, take due care to keep things running smoothly. Keeping cordial relationships maintained with your workmates will be essential for you in this week, so, make efforts to seek each other?s cooperation to ensure an uninterrupted flow at your place of work. Some sluggishness may try to impede your tasks from the beginning of this week, so, practice simple exercises and yoga if you want to stay fit and strong. To safeguard your health this week, you will need to keep yourself active with activities.

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