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Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

The week, for all those born under Virgo Moon sign, is likely to open up on an exciting note. Social responsibilities may add up to bring you more social recognition at your social front now. Situations at your home front are likely to stay stable. A little focus and determination are required to give wings to your ambitions and bring out the talent hidden within you. Once you achieve it, success will all be yours. Placement of assertive planets in the cosmic council will bestow you with the courage to sail smoothly through the highs and lows of this week. Increase in your liabilities may make you concerned about arranging means for their accomplishment. Health of an elder member of your family may cause your serious concern but taking timely care and precautions will prove helpful to divert all unwanted circumstances. In regards of your work front, your past experiences are likely to come helpful in this week. All your endeavours on the financial front are likely to taste success now. You may also be rendered some significant responsibilities and position at the management level. Windfall gains in business may also bring a fresh delight to your heart. Taking an expert?s advice will prove beneficial before investing your idle funds in any new business venture. Tough tasks at your place of work may keep you tight on time in this week. Your efforts in all your endeavours are likely to turn successful to your delight. While on your love front, ongoing emotional equation with your soul mate is likely to go steady and stable to your delight in this week. A minor friction between you two seems likely but it can be averted if you keep a check over your impulse. Brand new desires and fresh expectations may start to flourish in your heart, but take care before you express them. Breaking your partner?s trust could hamper your loving bond, so, time is demanding you to maintain absolute honesty and be transparent with your soul mate. Precaution is the need of the hour regarding your physical health in this week. Some minor issues may afflict you for a while but you need not worry as this is just going to be temporary phase. However, do not ignore it to stay well.

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