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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

The week for all those born under Sagittarius Moon sign is about to open up on a much better note. An ongoing discord within your family circle is likely to conclude on a happy note. Mutual understanding and love within your near and dear ones is likely to intensify more now. Time may enable you to fulfill a few significant domestic responsibilities. Thoughts about the wellbeing of your family people may keep you engrossed and some spiritual or religious pursuits may also draw your interest in this week. Efforts in all your endeavours are going to bring in satisfactory returns and all your plans and strategies may start to take shape to your delight. Influence of the assertive planets may also incline you towards some studies or creative pursuits and endeavours. All your efforts done towards some auspicious event will also turn successful now. Time is perfect for those of you engaged in further studies in this week. Talking about your professional front, time is ensuring some bright opportunities for you in this week. Some long pending stuck up tasks may now start to conclude successfully. You seem likely to get involved in serious discussions over a crucial issue with some significant people in this week. Exchange of opinions with like minded people may help you to bring some concrete solutions to your ongoing problems. If you are planning to invest your surplus funds, then, time is recommending you to take some vital guidance from an experienced person in this regard to stay safe from undue risks. Someone at work may try to create troubles along your way, but your patience and wisdom will help you to steer through such situations with absolute ease. Looking into your love life, you are going to enjoy a fairly favourable time with your soul mate during this week. But to strengthen your loving bonds, you will need to make some extra efforts on your personal front. You also need to ensure a smooth flow of situations around you so that no such event occurs which may tend to loosen your loving bonds. Undue desires and expectations from each other may cause to hamper the equation of your ongoing relationship, so, time is suggesting you to stay practical and wise. Understanding the views of your soul mate, his or her real feelings and genuine needs will help to strengthen your fairly good relationship. Positively placed planets in the zodiac will bless you with sufficient vigour and vitality now. Good condition of your health will keep you going smooth in all your endeavours in this week. You are likely to spend quality time in achieving a disease free life style. Sudden changes in the climate now demands you to take due precautions to keep safe from unwanted troubles.

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