Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

For all those born under Sagittarius Moon sign, the week for you promises to begin and end on a happy note, however, the pace of your life may get a bit sluggish during the middle of this week. But, you need not worry as this will just be a temporary phase owing to the cosmic positioning and movements of the stars in your horoscope. However, rest all your works will remain unaffected and would flow smoothly and regular as ever. Relationships with your family members and near and dear ones will remain good too, but, a minor dispute or misunderstanding with them is also likely during the middle part of this week. An unexpected remark by a close relative may leave you offended for a while, but, quite soon you will realise that they expect you to understand them and it is your responsibility to meet their genuine needs. There may be a slight discord with your children. Success is also likely to be achieved on education front, but, you need to work hard persistently and remain patienceful. Lady Luck is also bound to favour you altogether during this phase. Life on your love front too, seems to blossom afresh. Relationship with your soul mate will flourish smoothly during this week. A visit to some place of entertainment with your life partner is also possible during this week. Expressing yourself and conveying your true feelings to your love interest would be a very good idea to enhance the mutual understanding between you both. That long wait and search for your special someone is likely to come to a positive conclusion, for all those who are still single. Someone known is expected to turn into the person of your dreams. While for those who are already married, any new acquaintance or interest may become a reason for some discord in your conjugal life. So, you need to act wisely to avoid any such complications if you wish to secure harmony in your love life. While at your workplace, substantial prosperity is likely to follow you. On your financial front, good fortune is going to be bestowed upon you in this week. All your efforts and hard work are sure to bring you profitable returns. You will enjoy doing your work during this phase. However, there are chances of some stress or disagreement amongst your colleagues at workplace in this week. But, you need to replace your anger with your wisdom and remain patienceful and prudent to come out of such difficult situations. Do not waste your precious time and valuable energy in wasteful thoughts. Instead, make judicious use of your valued time by indulging in some pleasure activities like reading good books or listening to classical music, watching movies, etc. As regards of your wellbeing, this week seems to be bright for your physical health. Good food items and pleasurable activities will keep your spirits soaring high in this week. However, you need to take timely and special care of your eyes to stay safe from unwanted troubles in coming future.

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