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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

For all those born under Libra Moon sign, the week promises to unfold on a cheerful note. However, a hectic routine may keep you busy throughout the week. A short trip with some family members towards the middle of the week is likely to bring you sufficient pleasure and fun. Your journey will also remain smooth and fine. Overall, atmosphere at your home front will be up to your contentment and, hence, would encourage you to meet all your domestic responsibilities with perfection. There is also a strong likelihood for investment in landed properties or vehicle during this week. Some good news from your children may also elate your spirits. Meeting all your responsibilities and liabilities successfully will boost your confidence and would enrich your experience of life too. While on financial front as well, the week shows good prospects to accumulate wealth to your contentment. As regards of your love life, you are likely to enjoy some memorable moments with your life partner in this week. Both of you will remain supportive to each other to maintain the perfect equation. In short, harmony and excitement will be experienced by both of you in your ongoing relationship. You can also expect to indulge in some mutual discussions or make joint plans about your days of future together. A visit to some holy place with your soul mate also looks probable during this week. But, intrusion of some third person may create some misunderstandings in your personal life. However, your anxious and impulsive attitude may spoil the matter. So, keep your cool and have patience. A joint effort to sort out the issues together will help resolve the problem with more ease. On your career front, the week ahead is seen in your favour altogether. All your efforts on your professional front are sure to yield good results in this time, as success and prosperity are very much there on your chart now. Some official tour also looks likely during this time and gainful opportunities also seem to be heading towards you, even from overseas. Favourable and influential contacts will be built with significant people you come across during your endeavours all through this time. Hence, now it is the perfect time and the best chance for you to expand your network and horizons and be recognised amongst your counterparts too. Although, the week ensures to keep you financially secure and stable, but, you need to match your expenses with your income. Do not go overboard and strike an equilibrium to maintain your peace of mind. In this week, you can expect to be in the pink of your health. But, all those who are already sensitive towards cold climate, you need to take good care and all necessary precautions to safeguard your health for long, because the chilling cold climate can often trigger some skin allergies.

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