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Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

For all those born under Leo Moon sign, the week is going to unfold on a normal note. Things will start to pick up pace as soon as the week approaches to its middle part. A pleasant air of happiness is ready to surround you and everyone at your home now. Some problems related to the health or studies of your kids may concern you in this week. You are likely to enjoy very good times on your social arena and your social standing is about to elevate. A harmonious and cordial relationship is seen to exist between you and your dear ones in this week. Some wrong connections may get formed with unlikely people, so, be extra cautious to stay safe from unwanted troubles. Some slight injury seems likely for some of you but staying careful may help to prevent it as well. Minor frictions also look likely to arise within your family front in this week, but, an understanding and emotionally supportive approach of your elders in the family may help you to face the odds with courage and ease. You also need to be cautious of dual faced opponents who conceal themselves as friends. Be alert about their moves to stay in safer side. As regards of your professional career, situations are likely to remain stable to your delight in this week. Arrival of funds from unexpected sources seems likely to your surprise. Establishing cordial relationship with your colleagues will help to achieve a smooth flow at your work place. Some new and strong professional connections with good potential are likely to be formed in this week. Your creative endeavours may assume some pleasant form at your place of work during this week. Talking of your love front, the week ahead doesn?t indicate any significant changes in your ongoing emotional relationship. Your wisdom will help to keep things smooth within your relationship. Your pleasant persona and fine sense of humour will help to win your partner?s heart in this week. Your health is going to stay normal and stable to your delight during this week. However, you need to be extra cautious while travelling alone or driving on busy roads. Keep a close watch over your food intake and consume healthy foods only to stay fit and fine. Making little efforts like a regular morning walk in the fresh air or even practicing yoga will help to strengthen your overall health and wellbeing.

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