Leo Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

The week, for all those born under Leo Moon sign, will give mixed results. Everything will flow smooth and fine. Name, fame, wealth and recognition will also follow you effortlessly in this week. Your family relations may also see an improvement during this week. Your children or a young member of your family is likely to bring you very good news, which will fill your heart with fresh joy. Stars also seem to be in your favour throughout the week, if you plan to purchase a property or vehicle. People in administrative ranks also will remain supportive to your needs. This week you will need to avoid any kind of overspending to keep your budget in control. An unexpected visit by a close relative may cause slight changes in your routine or planned work schedules. So, try to avoid last minute rush and complete all your pending tasks well in advance. Some good news also seems quite likely to arrive towards the end of this week. However, you need to stay alert about the moves of your opponents. While on your love front, your ongoing relation with your partner will blossom in this week. Guidance and suggestions of your partner may prove helpful to get you the desired results in your personal life too. Good times with your soul mate also seem to be in store for you during this week. Overall, it will be an exciting week for your love and romance to flourish. For all those still waiting for their soul companion, chances are bright that you might come across your dream person in this week. And, if it comes true, your imaginations and fantasies will surely take a hold over your senses in this week. So, you need to keep your emotions well under control. As regards of your professional front, stars are seen in your favour in this week to let you grow. Your every effort and struggle at work will bring you success. Those, who are in search of a better job, are also likely to get one such of their choice within this week. A long pending project will also pick up pace during this phase. Financial matters too will run smoothly from the middle of this week, to provide you sufficient relief. Those studying or working or willing to work in education sector, success is quite likely to be achieved by you during this week. While on your health front, this week is going to be normal for you. But, do not take your health related matters for granted. Check out your eating habits and timings of taking meals. Eat healthy foods only to keep your digestive system fit and fine. Minor cold, cough or skin related problem may disturb you a bit, so, take due care and adopt precautionary measures to stay unaffected and avoid further complications.

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