Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

For all those born under Capricorn Moon sign, the week ahead is about to unfold on a pleasant note. Some old stuck up task of someone close may materialise now and it can be a fresh reason for everyone to celebrate at your home. Dear ones in your family may also bring in good news to everyone?s delight. This, overall, will be a pleasant reason for you all to enjoy and celebrate together. Good times are seen to extend more at your domestic front as you will be lucky to get support from your family and dear ones in all your endeavours in this week. Time now may incline you towards some spirituality and religious pursuits. You may even go to visit a religious place in this week. Plans made with family will also turn fruitful to strengthen your bonds. As far as your social standing is concerned, you will be able to enjoy it without any glitches. Rest all your endeavours are also likely to flow in rhythm and you will successfully be able to enjoy a good time. Infact, the week also seems to favour all of you engaged in studies or competitive examinations. On your personal front, time this week seems to bestow you with some pleasant moments along with your soul mate. Now is the time when you will be able to enjoy the most of your partner?s company and to your best possible as well. You both may even go for some entertainment outside town or for an unexpected or an unplanned trip, which would boost up your spirits afresh. Even going for a shopping spree will give you both the time to know each other and your choices well. Plenty of opportunities may come up this week when you will be able to spend quality time with your partner. Such a flow of events will surely help to enhance your emotional bond. Good times spent together during this week will enable you both to understand each other more deeply and accurately. In regard of your career, growth and prosperity seem visible in your horoscope in this week. You may even get to taste good success and progress in matters or tasks related with overseas connections. Adding further to your delight, time this week may bring you sufficient support and cooperation from your seniors and workmates at your place of work. Such joint collective efforts will ensure a smooth flow of work to your delight. The favourable placement of planets in the cosmic council will also provide you with sufficient stability of finances. Moreover, no major hurdles are seen on your financial front in this week. Just keep going smooth with your endeavours as lady luck will be in your favour now. On your health front, the week ahead requires you to have a balanced diet that will safeguard your health and also you should take all the necessary precautions from biting cold climate to stay safe while travelling or driving during this week.

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