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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

For all those born under Capricorn Moon sign, the week promises to start on a good note, however, middle of the week is likely to bring some more excitement. Planning about some new projects may keep you occupied in this week. A positive approach is required to sail smoothly through this week, so, do not let negative thoughts overpower your mind. Gainful opportunities are likely to emerge in front of you, but, it entirely depends on how you tap those possibilities effectively. A pleasing environment at your family front shall keep your spirit high. Your genuine domestic needs may compel you to indulge in massive shopping spree with your family people, which will bring a fresh dose of happiness in everyone?s life. The week is also good for students or those appearing for competitive examinations. Your opponents will not be able to conspire nor would succeed in their plans against you. In short, Lady Luck will favour you throughout this entire week. While on your personal relationship front, you can expect to spend some happy moments and joyful times with your dream partner. However, an unexpected, unwanted and sudden disclosure of some sensitive information may upset your soul mate. So, you need keep a close watch over your words and check your impulse to avoid getting swayed by your emotions. Try to strike a favourable as well as perfect balance between your social, professional, personal and love life. Your romantic life will flourish smoothly and steadily provided you are able to have a strong hold over your expressions and give it required time and due attention. As regards your professional front, you are already on your way to success. Your sincerity and dedication at work will be duly acknowledged and rewarded accordingly. It is not a favourable time for all those willing to work in partnership basis. Starting a new venture in the field of educational may prove beneficial for you in the long run. However, if you plan to impart any career advice to someone, then think twice before you say anything and avoid giving unwanted suggestions to anyone unless sought. Counsel only when your opinion is asked for. You can continue to work with a free mind. Every struggle at your work front will bring you the deserving results. Your health may need timely care and attention during this week. Changes in the weather may give you some minor skin related trouble. Use of antibacterial products will help to keep infections and allergies at bay. Spend some time in sunlight to increase your immune power.

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