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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope

For all those born under Capricorn Moon sign, the week will yield reasonably satisfactory results. Love is also likely to tickle your soul afresh in this week. You can now see your dreams manifesting into a beautiful bounty of romantic experiences. Presenting your partner a sweet tender gift may touch the core of his or her heart without fail. On your domestic front, you can now expect to experience coordination and cooperation within the family. Your mother?s support will strengthen the stands which you may take in the family matters. A religious function may also take place within the family circle. Your good feelings towards your near and dear ones will help you in achieving your goals successfully. There may be some addition of a new family member by way of marriage of a relative or birth of a child, which will enhance overall happiness within the family. In social meetings and political matters, you should avoid giving unwanted opinions. You should concentrate to discharge your family responsibilities and liabilities, along with managing your professional requirements. As far as your work front is concerned, satisfactory progress is indicated for your delight in this week. A promotion is also likely for those who are already working. New opportunities may come your way to explore new avenues of your professional life. Towards the week-end, an unknown person may try to engage you in futile litigation. So, be extra careful. Your courage wisdom and creativity will let you succeed at your work. On your personal front, thoughts about your past may cloud your mind now. Being sensitive, this may adversely affect your relationship with others. Hence, you should keep yourself busy and extensive support of your partner will also cheer up your mind. Some trivial issues may try to distract your attention, but, you should not pay unnecessary heed to them and stay unaffected. You need to take care of your physical health. Some problem relating to stomach is indicated for you in this week. Negligence towards health related issues may prove hazardous for you, so, be careful with your diet and avoid spicy and oily food items to stay safe.

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