Why Moon Sign is so Important? Know More About it…

Why Moon sign is so important? Know more about it

In a horoscope, in which sign the Moon is placed is called Moon sign. It is very simply different from the Sun sign because Sun sign is interpreted differently in Indian Astrology and Western Astrology. For example, Aries Sun sign starts from 13 April, as per Indian Astrology but, in Western Astrology, Aries Sun sign begins from 21 March. And there are no Dasha Period exists in Western System of Astrology.

Indian System of Vedic Astrology gives utmost importance to Moon sign, in comparison to Sun sign, because, the Moon is the significator of our mind. Among all the 9 planets, the Moon is the fastest moving planet. She crosses a sign in two and a quarter days. During this journey of 30 degrees, the Moon crosses 3 constellations. Each constellation has different ruling planets for them. Vimshottari MahaDasha sequence of a native is determined by the nakshatra lord only. A nakshatra consists of 4 ‘charan’s.
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Even, the first alphabet of the name of a person is also determined by the ‘charan’ of the nakshatra, s/he was born. While, on the other hand, the Sun takes for a period of one month approximately to cross a sign, which is a wide frame of time. The Sun enjoys the status of the king in the council of planets. The Moon is given the status of the queen. The Moon also represents mother, emotions, liquids, pearl stone and silver metal.The zodiac is having a total of 360 degrees, divided by 12 different signs. Thus, each sign consists of 30 degrees. Within this 30 degrees, there are 3 constellations, of 13 degree 20 minutes’ span, having 4 ‘charan’s, of 3 degree and 20 minutes each.

Just for example, the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, has 3 constellations, namely, 4 ‘charan’s of Ashwini (from 0 degree to 13 degree 20 minutes), 4 ‘charan’s of Bharani (from 13 degree 21 minutes to 26 degree 40 minutes) and 1 ‘charan’ of Krittika (from 26 degree 41 minutes to 30 degrees). Next sign Taurus starts with the rest 3 ‘charan’s of Krittika (from 0 degree to 10 degrees), 4 ‘charan’s of Rohini (from 10 degree 1 minute to 23 degree 20 minutes) and 2 ‘charan’s of Mrigshira (from 23 degree 21 minutes to 30 degrees). And so on. According to the degree of the Moon, the balance of Dasha Period at birth is calculated.

So, the Moon plays a very important role in our life to set the sequence of Dasha Periods in one’s life.
To know the Moon sign, one should know his/her date, time and place of birth. Time is very much important here as in a given day the Moon may be in a sign in the morning and possibly be moved to the next sign in the evening itself. As per these three inputs, horoscope of the person will be prepared, to determine the Moon sign of the native.

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