Venus in Scorpio: Know How Beneficial Will this Transit be For You

Venus in ScorpioPlanet of luxury and comfort, Venus, has entered into its watery sign Scorpio to join Saturn which is already in transit in the sign. Scorpio sign is ruled by energetic planet Mars. In natural friendship rules of Vedic Astrology, Venus and Mars are not friendly by nature. Saturn is already posited there in Scorpio sign, again, in an enemy sign. This transit will continue till 11.57 AM of 7 November. Generally, Venus spends 28 days in a sign. This transit will give different results for the natives of different Moon signs.

For the natives of Aries Moon sign, entrance of Venus in Scorpio sign, which falls in eighth house, is not going to be a spectacular happening for them as far as materialistic pursuits are concerned. They should tackle family feuds with diplomatic tactics.

For the natives of Taurus Moon sign, entrance of its sign lord Venus in seventh house to Scorpio sign will enhance social reputation and help to receive favour from lady luck. Improvement in health condition or recovery from ongoing ailment is also seen during this transit period.

Gemini people should remain alert about investments in bulk quantity during this transit period. Postpone buying a vehicle or luxurious gadgets to avoid uncomfortable situation later. It is expected to be a good time for

Cancer Moon sign people if they are thinking about pursuing higher studies. Entrance of Venus in the fifth house of emotional affairs will promote the possibility of beginning of an affair for a reasonably long period of time. Gala time ahead for Leo natives to enhance domestic comforts and luxuries. Appropriate time to acquire a landed property or buying a vehicle for them.

Change of place or long distance travel is expected with Virgo people during this transit to fetch favour from lady luck. Long term venture is also on the cards for a few of them.

Venus, the sign lord of Libra Moon sign, is indicating financial bliss for their delight and good news from a close family member is also expected to come during this transit.

Name and fame is going to be enhanced for the natives of Scorpio Moon sign during this transit. Expenditure is also there on the cards for them.

Natives of Sagittarius Moon sign are going to experience short term separation from family as a result of this transit of Venus in Scorpio sign. Managing funds with more precision is advisable to protect peace of mind.

Financial windfall is waiting for the natives of Capricorn Moon sign by the virtue of this auspicious transit of Venus in the house of income.

Venus in Scorpio AD

Long pending projects might start progressing as the house of professional matters is hosting the luck house lord Venus and sign lord of Aquarius sign in this period. Domestic comfort is set to increase and deal in properties is also possible as a result of this transit.

House of luck is getting activated for the natives of Pisces Moon sign, because of this transit of Venus in Scorpio. Saturn increases the results of the house He occupies. So, transit of Venus and Saturn in the house of luck is expected to enhance the favour of Lady Luck for Pisces people, without fail.

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